Figaro USA Product Announcement: Next Generation Hydrogen Sensor TGS2616

Figaro USA Inc. is pleased to announce its latest offering—Our next generation hydrogen sensor, TGS2616. Developed with a brand-new proprietary sensing element, our new hydrogen sensor boasts a highly selective response to hydrogen with minimal influence from alcohol-based interference gases. Thanks to our long history with MOS type sensors, we are able to fit this performance in a small form factor with low power consumption.

Due to the potential of hydrogen gas as the next generation energy solution, we have engineered this brand-new sensor to detect low to medium concentrations of hydrogen for home and industrial safety applications.

For your evaluation, we can provide limited free samples by request, under the condition of receiving customer feedback. The quantity is limited. Please let us know the required quantity and your company name, application, and background of the request. Please let us know if you have an application for our sensor.

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