Ficoba Exposition Center Utilizes Axcess' Dual-Active(TM) RFID Automatic Recognition Solution to Boost Trade Show Experience

Axcess system provides trade show attendees with real time customized exhibitor information on the show floor

DALLAS and SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain, June 20 - Axcess International Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: AXSI), a leading provider of Dual-Active(TM) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) solutions, BSM Informatica, a leading hardware provider for industrial uses, CIMA Nuevas Tecnologias Informaticas S.L., a leading software developer, and INCIDE S.A, a fabless design house company dedicated to the development of integrated circuits and systems in different technologies, today announced the successful implementation and ongoing usage of its Dual-Active(TM) automatic recognition technology at Ficoba. The Axcess system is being used by Spain's Ficoba to track attendees at trade show events and conferences for an enhanced guest experience.

Ficoba, located in the heart of the eurocity Donostia-San Sebastian/Bayonne in Basque Country, is a modern complex designed specifically to offer customized made-to-measure services in a more direct and efficient way. Ficoba has a carefully designed infrastructure with modern exhibition and telecommunications facilities, including the use of RFID technology. Through this deployment, dual-active RFID tags provide trade show vendors exhibiting at an event at Ficoba with an automatic hands free tracking solution that allows them the opportunity to customize marketing messages based on the attendees pre-selected interests and agendas.

"Axcess' active technology affords Ficoba event exhibitors with a unique opportunity to take the trade show attendee experience to the next level by allowing them to tailor the event's offerings to meet their specific needs and areas of curiosity," said Javier Hernandez, Director for Incide. "We believe this application is revolutionary for the conference industry in that for the first time ever event attendees will receive only the information that is useful to them, when they want it rather than having to hunt it down on the show floor."

Axcess' dual-active tag technology offers Ficoba flexible coverage areas with activation fields that are installed at individual booths within the Ficoba Fair Ground. As an attendee walks into a booth, the tag activates and sends the ID number to the vendor, which displays information that is voluntarily provided by the visitor upon registering for the event. The exhibitor is then able to access information that contains the attendees' time and length of their visit, and other select information.

"The implementation of our unique system provides Ficoba with an easy and non-disruptive system to gather information about trade show attendees," said Allan Griebenow, president and CEO of Axcess. "The use of automatic recognition technology is rapidly growing and well positioned to alter the customer experience in tradeshows, as well as in the entertainment and hospitality industries in both domestic and international markets."

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