Fiberglass Fabrication to Military Specifications; Ultra Thin is in

Oldsmar, FL - When a major military contractor came to STM Industries asking if we could manufacture a cover for some sensitive electronics that would be 30/1000th of an inch thick (+ or - 5/1000th), allow the passage of radio waves and handle radiant heat, we only asked how many parts they would need and when they were needed. With over twenty-seven years of custom manufacturing experience for companies as varied as those in the aircraft, boat, automotive , construction and restaurant businesses, STM Industries has tackled many demanding requests; this was just one of the more demanding and "thinner" ones.

After technical development work, a little bit of innovation using our standard materials and some experimentation in our manufacturing process, our lamination and finishing teams were able to produce the needed covers while staying within the 5/1000th of an inch tolerances required by our client. The parts were surprisingly rugged and strong due to infusing the layers of woven fiberglass cloth with specially treated resins and our slow curing process. When submitted to the two branches of the US military for approval, our client received the proverbial "A-OK" which, of course, pleased our client and those in charge of this important project.

Should you or your client need precision fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber parts made to exacting standards, contact the team at STM Industries in Oldsmar, Florida (near Tampa) to see how we may help you achieve your goal, no matter how large , small or thin!

For further information, contact or call 813-854-3544 or visit our website, and see what we have been up to lately.

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