Fiber Laser Marking System features 10 W laser.

Press Release Summary:

Model TF410 features 1.06 μm laser light source housed in separate control unit, which can be mounted in 19 in. rack and incorporates 1.06 μm laser light source and buffer memory. Light beam is conducted to system's marking head by optical fiber. Product includes T700W marking program that manages traceability data, links with production databases, and allows for logo marking. Included software also offers materials libraries and log file generation.

Original Press Release:

TF410: Economical Laser Marking

TF410, the new fibre laser marking solution from Technifor, is the entry-level version for medium and large run applications: automotive, medical, electrical or mechanical components, etc. Particularly economical, TF410 has a 10 W laser and retains the compactness and guarantees the proven performance in terms of marking quality and writing speed that have made the earlier 20 W model, the TF420, so successful.

30% less expensive than the higher-level TF420 version and fitted with a 10 W laser (instead of 20 W for the TF420), the TF410 can execute most "shallow depth" marking applications for medium and large runs.

The first outstanding advantage of the TF410 is its ease of integration. Its 1.06 fÊm laser light source housed in the separate control unit, its new-generation electronics and its small number of optical components result in a marking head that occupies a volume of only 10 dm3, half that of the previous models (diode-pumped laser). The light beam is conducted to the marking head by an optical fibre. The separate control unit can be mounted in a 19" rack and incorporates a built-in buffer memory. TF410 naturally offers all the advantages of fibre lasers, in particular longer lifetime and improved reliability.

First, the lifetime of the source is five times longer than that of a diode-pumped YAG laser. Second, the TF410 marking head and its control unit have been designed with the smallest possible number of mechanical and optical components (everything is in fibre, sealed and in one piece) to reduce maintenance and to avoid drift in optical component settings, so that constant marking quality over time is obtained and minimum servicing is required. Lastly, the machine is designed with alarms against any type of improper use, even the marking of reflecting items.

The TF410 marking solution includes TechniforLs intuitive and ergonomic T700W marking program. Its interface can be used to program the simplest markings in less than five clicks. It manages traceability data (serial number, variables, Data Matrix codes, bar codes, etc.) and can easily establish links with production databases (ODBC, Excel, ASCII, etc.). Logo marking is also possible (PLT, JPEG, BMP, DXF). Materials libraries with pre-programmed settings are provided, along with the generation of log files.

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