Fenner Precision Products Bring Quality Performance to Photocopier Industry

Custom belt and tire products produced in USA and UK for global customers

Fenner Precision

Manheim, PA (August 2007) - As the technical complexities of the photocopier market grow, and demands for greater production speed and higher quality levels ever increase, Fenner Precision continues to meet the challenge by manufacturing a variety of belt and tire products that help their global customers stay competitive and exceed in the marketplace.

Fenner Precision is recognized as a leader in the design and development of belts, pulleys and tires used in paper propulsion and motion control applications. Their manufacturing facilities in the USA and UK are producing belts and tires that are being used in some of the most sophisticated photocopier equipment for major customers in the industry. The products have a reputation for consistent, high-quality performance, thanks to the engineering expertise at Fenner Precision, which allows the company to partner with their customers to find solutions that stand the test of time.

Fenner Precision's USA manufacturing plant located in Manheim, Pennsylvania produces a reinforced dual-durometer belt that is made exclusively for an industry leader in office equipment, including photocopiers and digital printing equipment. The belt has a special tooth configuration, in which the teeth do not run the full width of the belt, allowing for vacuum holes and higher COF materials to be used. Two different materials are used in the belt construction: a polyurethane material, which is reinforced with Kevlar. The combination of the materials and vacuum holes allows for excellent vacuum draw between the belt and frame. The consistency and quality of the vacuum draw is why six of the belts are used in their customer's highest end digital printing system. According to Eric Smith, Fenner Precision's USA National Sales Manager, "This belt has been successfully used for over two years for one of our customers, and with the engineering application assistance that we provide, it could be customized for any type of media movement that is needed."

Other vacuum transfer belts, both reinforced and unreinforced, have been successfully produced for another customer for over 10 years out of Fenner Precision's Lincoln, UK plant. The belts are used in a variety of the customer's photocopiers. Says Kevin Walker, Technical Manager at Fenner Precision, "We have been making thousands of these belts each year, for several years. The high-quality images that are produced on these photocopiers are a direct result of the accurate paper placement that is possible because of our belts. We're pleased to partner with some of the best customers in the industry to provide consistent, quality products."

Several high-COF tires made of silicone material round out the list of products that Fenner Precision produces for the photocopier market. Several makes and models of photocopiers use these tires for the positive paper feed process. The tires are manufactured in the Lincoln plant and can be custom-made to fit a customer's requirements. A new feature of these tires is that silicone material is now available as low as 5 degree Shore A in hardness, which leads to soft tire surfaces that maintain high COF. Fenner Precision is currently conducting tests using new materials with one of their major customers.

The flexibility of Fenner Precision's production processes, and their ability to customize products to fit a variety of application needs is made possible by the core of engineers that work closely with their customers to produce the proper belt or tire for their particular needs. Chemistry labs located at the Manheim plant are used for intensive testing and material analysis, and Fenner Precision's engineering team has also developed prototyping processes at low cost with quick turnaround times. Depending on the complexity of the project, prototypes can be made in as little as two weeks.

Fenner Precision is a global leader in the design and development of belts, pulleys and tires for paper propulsion applications including consumer printers, office machines, mail handling machines and money handling equipment. The company also manufactures specialty technical coated fabrics for low friction and high temperature applications. Fenner Precision is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fenner PLC. For more information, visit www.fennerprecision.com.

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