Feeder dispenses books onto flat conveyor.

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Using vacuum approach to pick books from top of stack and place them on flat conveyors, Gemini book module offers continuous flat feeds rates to 70 books/min. Dual side-by-side loading trays allow operator to simultaneously load one side of module while dispensing from other. Able to handle books from 4 x 4 x .125 in. to 21 x 14 x 4 in., product is suited for order fulfillment applications.

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Automatically Dispense Books with Autologik's New Gemini Feeder

HARTLAND, Wis., (July 16, 2004) - Autologik's Gemini Book module increases productivity by providing customers with an automatic method of dispensing books onto a flat conveyor. The Gemini feeder can be applied in various order fulfillment applications and may be particularly effective in streamlining the front end of a challenging returns processing environment.

An advantage of the Gemini module is that it can continuously flat feed 70 books per minute, regardless of their size and shape. This offers a significant advantage in comparison to the inconsistent hand-feed rate of 30 to 40 books per minute.

The Gemini module uses a vacuum approach to pick books from the top of a stack and place them on a conveyor. Picking books from the top of a stack eliminates damage or scratches to the covers, commonalties often found in other systems that push or pull books from the bottom of a stack in the dispensing process.

Two side-by-side loading trays allow an operator to simultaneously load one side of the Gemini module while dispensing from the other. This gives the customer continuous feeding of books without any delay due to stack recharging.

The Gemini module will handle books that range in size from 4" by 4" by .125", up to 21" by 14" by 4". Changeover is almost non-existent and mixed sizes in the same stack are generally not a problem. Another design advantage of the Gemini module is that it is mounted on casters, making it a mobile piece of equipment that can be moved to different lines, as the customer needs. The system plugs into any 20 amp, 120-volt power source and an air line for operation. Delivery time is about 10-12 weeks.

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Autologik, a Dorner company, is a premier integrator of warehouse automation pertaining to order fulfillment and returns processing. Since the early 1980s, customers around the world have turned to Autologik for its expertise in patented automation, high-speed sortation, dynamic label printing and placement, integrated software and customer-focused philosophy. For more information about products or company news, visit Autologik's Web site at www.autologik.com or call 1-888-734-1350.

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