Faxitron Awarded Contract to Supply USDA with 22 Systems for Seed Imaging

WHEELING, Illinois (October 16, 2007) - Faxitron X-Ray LLC (Faxitron) today announced
that it was awarded a multi-year contract by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal
and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for up to 22 MX-20 digital cabinet x-ray systems.

The systems will be used for seed imaging in Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ), a
nationwide plant safeguarding and identification program administered by the USDA. Initial
systems will be ordered by USDA facilities in Maryland, California, and Hawaii.
The small focal spot x-ray tube, 5X geometric magnification, and high resolution digital detector
of the MX-20 make it well-suited for detailed seed analysis.

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Faxitron X-Ray LLC is the global leader in cabinet x-ray systems for specimen radiography,
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Brad Jackson
Vice President, Marketing
Faxitron X-Ray LLC

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