Fax Board is designed for PCI-Express bus slots.

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Measuring 6.60 x 2.5 in., IQ Express(TM) fax board product line features miniature form factor design that allows users to integrate fax hardware into any system including ultra compact and low power designs. Available with 1, 2, or 4 ports, unit comes with robust fax class 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1 support, dedicated DSP and CPU per port, low/standard-profile bracket option, high-speed V.34/Super G3 fax, JBIG data compression, sideband API, and Microsoft Windows Vista support.

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Mainpine(TM) Announces World's Smallest PCI-Express Intelligent Fax Board

Sets Course for Innovation with the Industry's First Miniature Fax Board Design that Includes Robust Class 2.0 and 2.1 Support

WILSONVILLE, Oregon - May 1, 2007 - Mainpine, a leading industry innovator in the global intelligent fax hardware arena, today announced its IQ Express(TM) fax board product line for PCI-Express bus slots. The announcement of the world's smallest intelligent fax board marks a paradigm shift in the fax market. Measuring only 180mm x 80mm (6.60 inches x 2.5 inches), the intelligent fax board features a sleek, low-profile, short-board form factor design that allows customers to integrate fax hardware into virtually any system, while fully supporting the most demanding fax applications.

"Mainpine has thrown down the gauntlet by delivering the smallest intelligent fax board to the PCI-Express market. We have responded to customer requests for a compact, intelligent fax device that offers the speed, performance and reliability that our boards have long been known for," said Lloyd Johnson, president and CEO of Mainpine, Inc. "Based on our growing market share and ever-increasing momentum among ISVs, distributors and channel partners, it became clear that customers required boards that are smaller, faster and more cost-efficient than the traditional offerings from the fax hardware industry. We're extremely proud to be the only intelligent board manufacturer to meet - and indeed exceed - these market requirements."

Key Features
o Compact Size (length: 180mm / 6.60 inches, height: 80mm / 2.5 inches).
Unlike traditional full-length fax boards, the IQ Express(TM) features a low-profile, short-board form factor design which offers customers a much wider choice of host computer configurations, including ultra compact and low power designs.

o Robust Fax Class 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 Support.
When combined with extensive testing ensures compatibility with the vast majority of fax applications in the industry.

o Dedicated DSP and CPU per Port.
Unlike competitive fax boards where the CPU and DSP processing is shared between ports; the IQ Express(TM) features an innovative design architecture which features a dedicated high performance CPU and DSP per port. This guarantees superior levels of speed, performance and reliability.

o Low-Profile or Standard-Profile Bracket Option.
The low-profile bracket option allows the boards to be used in the smallest systems, allowing customers greater flexibility when deploying embedded, thin-clients, or servers. The standard-profile bracket option allows boards to be deployed in traditional systems with full height slots.

o High-speed V.34 / Super G3 Fax.
Building on the existing RockForce(TM) product line the IQ Express(TM) series supports the highest faxing rates available.

o JBIG Compression.
With data compression rates as high as 80 percent, JBIG significantly reduces fax transmission and reception times, slashing long distance toll charges.

o Sideband API.
This innovative design feature allows individual ports to be reset by the fax application without interrupting other ports and without requiring any manual intervention. This ensures maximum system reliability and represents an important advantage over other fax devices.

o Supports Microsoft Windows Vista.
Ensuring a seamless transition for Mainpine OEMs, partners and end-users, Windows Vista(TM) compatibility with the IQ Express(TM) product line has been a top priority for the company's development team.

The IQ Express(TM) one, two, and four port fax boards will be available for general shipment beginning May 29, 2007. The IQ Express(TM) eight port version will be available in July 2007.

About Mainpine.
For a decade, Mainpine has been an industry innovator in the global fax hardware arena. The company has built a worldwide reputation for its line of reliable, intelligent multi-port communications boards that offer an affordable alternative to the traditional expensive fax boards. The company has introduced a number of innovative technologies, including Intellichannel, that focus on delivering fax communications smarter, faster, and with greater security than ever before. Mainpine's product lines are sold through regional, national, and international distributors and are available through hundreds of resellers worldwide. For more information visit www.mainpine.com, call +1 503 822 9944 or email info@mainpine.com.

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