Faucet activates as hands approach from any angle.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring Surround Sensor Technology (SST) and Radius(TM) Touch-Free Technology components, AutoFaucet® activates as soon as hands come within a few inches above, below, or along sides of spout. Alkaline batteries, installed beneath sink, power unit and last up to 3 years. Capacitive sensors detect presence of hands.

Original Press Release:

New Automatic Faucet Activites As Hands Approach From Any Angle

August 4, 2004 (Mundelein, IL) -- The AutoFaucet® with Surround Sensor Technology (SST), the latest innovation from Technical Concepts, is the first automatic faucet that activates as soon as hands come within a few inches above, below, or along the sides of the spout.

The AutoFaucet® with SST uses capacitive sensors instead of an infrared beam to detect the presence of hands. It is powered by standard alkaline batteries that are easily installed beneath the sink along with the sensor mechanism. The batteries last up to three years.

"This product ends the frustration of searching for the 'sweet spot' to get the water flowing," says George Patrick Murphy, president and CEO of Technical Concepts, headquartered in Mundelein, IL. "It provides greater user satisfaction, and encourages people to wash their hands in away-from-home restrooms."

The AutoFaucet® with SST uses some of the same Radius(TM) Touch-Free Technology components found in other automated restroom products developed by Technical Concepts, such as its AutoFlush® for toilets and urinals and OneShot® shop dispenser.

Technical Concepts is the world's leading manufacturer of touch-free fixtures for restrooms, air neutralizers, and aerosol fragrances and dispensers. More information is available at www.technicalconcepts.com.

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