Fast Circuits Launches Flexible Inventory Management and Stocking Program

SACRAMENTO, CA – Fast Circuits, a Sacramento-based firm specializing in the supply of rigid, flex and rigid flex PCBs, announced today that it has launched a flexible stocking and inventory control program to provide better pricing and convenience to its customers. The new inventory management program provides cost-effective, volume-based pricing and flexibility in inventory stocking. The new program will begin in September 2014.

By participating in the flexible Inventory Management and Stocking Program, customers can obtain the following financial, shipping and inventory control benefits:

• Regularly scheduled shipments to provide cost-savings to improve cash flow

• Faster response for shipping parts

• High-volume purchases increase cost savings

• Large lot shipments decrease overall costs

• Improved purchase order demand-based delivery scheduling

• No net increase in inventory stocking costs.

Customers may stock inventory at their location to expedite releases. This benefit would be determined by purchase order specifications, order volume and approval by management. Fast Circuits wants to give a lower-pricing benefit to customers who buy in large volumes and can accept delivery of their parts over a three-month block of time.

By providing this in-house stocking benefit, customers will have easy to access to a local parts inventory to use when production demands require additional parts. By utilizing Fast Circuits' local or warehouse inventory, a customer can meet any need that arises. Managing total supply purchasing by ordering larger amounts of inventory will provide supply chain flexibility, which translates into production cost reductions. Added flexibility gives the customer the ability to be assertive in their purchasing, which will help them better manage their operations more efficiently.

The new inventory management and stocking program benefits customers in many ways. Fast Circuits Technical Support Specialist, Fessica Li, says, "The launch of the flexible stocking program will be good for our customers and help Fast Circuits increase sales revenues due to the loyalty it will develop." Li also said, "With tight cash flow and the competitive demands in the marketplace, this new program will help our customers by giving them more flexibility. It is a value-adding solution that combines attractive offshore cost savings and flexible inventory management."

Fast Circuits invites new and current customers to contact a sales representative to learn more about the benefits of the new flexible inventory management and stocking program.

About Fast Circuits

Headquartered in Sacramento, Fast Circuits Inc. provides PCB fabrication and assembly services. Since 2009, it has manufactured PCBs in low to middle volumes, as well as flexible or rigid PCB prototypes. Its manufacturing plants have earned the certification of ISO 9001:2008. All of its processes of production are in compliance with the IPC-A-600F Class 2 standard. To learn more, go to

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