Fast, Accurate Involute Splines in 1 Setup on Your CNC Lathe or Screw Machine

Involute splines are a common part feature on shafts and mated parts in a variety of industries. You'll find splined forms on everything from your lawn mower to your dishwasher, car, or faucet- splines are also a common feature on aerospace and military components. Previously, these splines could be manufactured using a variety of specialized machinery and equipment with mixed results. Schlitter Tool, of Warren MI, has a less costly solution. With a HexMaster(TM) attachment, these splines can be machined on the same CNC lathe or screw machine used to produce the rest of the part, eliminating expensive tooling and secondary operations. While the process has limitations on form depth (typically 1x the diameter), it is still useful for a host of products. Shops processing splined parts can save money, and shops without special equipment can now quote more complex work. For many applications a HexMaster(TM) attachment will be the most economical and the most accurate way to machine a complex spline (or other form) on the OD or ID of a part. The process also eliminates flaking and slivers common to other production methods.

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