Fans achieve required air pressures at low speeds.

Press Release Summary:

Multi-Wing(R) 8D Series Fans have low-noise, twisted broad paddle thermoplastic blades and aluminum mounting hubs, which make fans suitable for HVAC applications. Fans are available in range of standard configurations. Options include 2 or 4 blades, diameters from 12 to 26 in., and 4 blade angles. Modular design permits almost unlimited flexibility.

Original Press Release:

Multi-Wing(R) 8D Series Fans From Crowley Achieve Required Air Pressures At Low Speeds

BURTON, OHIO---Multi-Wing 8D Series Fans feature a twisted broad paddle blade design that achieves a lower noise signature compared to non-twisted designs and, coupled with the thermoplastic blades and aluminum mounting hubs, make the 8D Series Fans well suited for HVAC applications.

8D Series Fans offer a broad range of standard configurations for easy adaptability and custom tailoring for special applications. Standard options include 2 or 4 blades, a range of diameters from 12" to 26" and 4 blade angles.

All Multi-Wing Fans feature a modular design which permits almost unlimited flexibility by providing customized, application-specific solutions at off-the-shelf prices.

Crowley Company offers a wide selection of Multi-Wing Fan Systems for air-moving applications, including HVAC, cooling towers, industrial motors, air-cooled condensers, generators, compressors, refrigeration, ventilation, heat exchangers and locomotives.

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