Fan-to-Size Online

nyb is proud to announce Fan-to-Size (F2S) Online. This new fan selection program allows customers the ability to select nyb fans without the need to download software. In addition, users can use their tablets to operate F2S Online.

The fan selection process has been designed for easy customer use. Fans can now be selected from categories ranging from “Clean Air” to “Bulk Material Handling”. These categories can be further broken down into airfoil, backward curved, single thickness, etc. Once the product categories/types are selected and the operating conditions are entered, F2S Online searches across all available nyb product offerings meeting the selection criteria. No longer is the user confined to one product line. However, if the user knows what fan line they would like to select, they can still go to “Product Lines” and make a selection.

Once a fan is selected, the user has to option to view the curve, print the results or save the selection for future use. In addition, they can create a drawing package for the selected fans using Drawing on Demand. These drawings can be custom tailored to include flanges, u-base, dampers as well as the fan’s Installation and Maintenance Manual.

Additional design feature/specifications include:

• Flow: ACFM or SCFM

• Pressure: SP, TP or SPrise

• Units: Imperial or metric

• Fan Appurtenances (now located on the input conditions screen)

• Standardized material descriptions

• Ability to:

-  Compare multiple product lines

- Add silencers

- Save data for future use

- Generate a drawing for fan and accessories (drawings on demand)

- Calculate density based on rarefication, compression, and molecular weight

• Fan reference curve is conveniently located on the fan data screen

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