Fan Series has intelligent thermal control capabilities.

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Compatible with PWM controllers, RoHS-compliant Smart Fan series offers all-in-one intelligent operation with internal methods to control fan speeds according to ambient temperatures. Sensor technologies range from use of thermistors and Hall Effect sensors to chip-on-board thermal controller devices. Available in sizes from 40 x 40 x 15 mm to 120 x 120 x 38 mm, fans feature MagLev® technology and linear ramp control with 2 temperature set points.

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Sunon Introduces SmartFan Series Featuring Intelligent Thermal Control Capabilities

Compatible with PWM controllers, offers all-in-one intelligent operation to lower system costs, improve reliability; manufactured in compliance with RoHS Pb-Free materials/processes

Brea, CA, August 31, 2005 - Sunon, Inc., has announced their new Smart Fan products family, offering internal methods to control fan speeds according to ambient temperatures. Benefits to users are immediately realized, where fan operation is thermally controlled to meet cooling needs vs. continuous operation. This enables longer operating life, lower noise, and reduced cost of operation. Applications considered ideal for use of these devices includes computers, peripherals, servers, power supplies, workstations, telecom equipment and other systems.

Sunon's Smart Fan concept offers a variety of sensor technologies provided within the immediate fan housing. These range from the use of thermistors, to Hall Effect sensors, to Chip-On-Board (COB) thermal controller devices. This capability is projected to not only simplify system development processes and alleviate extra engineering and design steps, but can directly improve unit performance and reliability. Sunon's Smart Fans are available for volume requirements in sizes from 40mm x 40mm x 15mm up to 120mm x120mm x 38mm. For smaller sizes, contact the factory.

Further SmartFan Benefits

The Smart Fan comes standard with a linear ramp control, featuring two temperature set points (no limit). An optional switch function also provides programmable temperature-based control for turn-on/turn-off (such as turning off when temperature falls to 35°C, etc.).

The Smart Fan is also available with the following options: Delay Start -enables fans to be hot-swapped or changed without powering down the system. Ramp Start - prevents inrush currents, placing less stress on circuits. Current Limitation and Fan Speed Limitation - fan runs at constant speed while operating at higher-than-rated voltage. Fan Performance Sensor (FPS) - provides preset RPM threshold, delay, non-latching and latching functions to determine fan failures. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) - Controls fan speed by switching the power on and off very rapidly. Sunon's proprietary design allows combined thermal and PWM control for maximum flexibility.

Gene Miltimore, Director of Marketing, stated, "The Smart Fan has provided a number of our customers with a high technology solution for advanced thermal management". He further commented, "Having a local, US based engineering lab enables us to rapidly respond to customer specific design requests."

The SmartFan Series includes models featuring Sunon's highly acclaimed MagLev® technology which is credited for its superior performance features such as low noise, high temperature endurance and super long life. Wiring and connector harnessing can be provided for circuitry interface and simple installation. All models are manufactured in compliance with RoHS Pb-Free materials and processes to meet global expectations for environmental responsibility. MagLev models also feature all-plastic manufacture of major items for optimal insulation resistance and electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance.

SmartFans are priced to provide a cost-effective solution starting at $4.00 each in volume quantities. Custom requirements can be directed to Sunon, Inc.

For further information contact Sunon, Inc., 1075 West Lambert Road, Suite A, Brea,
CA 92821. Tel: (714) 255-0208, Fax: (714) 255-0802, e-mail:, or visit our website at

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