Fan Control IC provides variable speeds.

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ZXBM2000 series of ICs controls 2-phase, dc brushless fan and blower motors up to 100W. ZXBM2003 provides frequency generator rotor speed output; ZXBM2002 offers locked rotor error output; and ZXBM2M001 combines both signals on dual function pin. All deliver up to 80 mA to pair of external MOSFET or bipolar transistors connected to fan motor windings. Speed control is implemented via variable external voltage or NTC thermistor input.

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Fan Motor Control IC Provides Complete Variable Speed Solution

Hauppauge, NY. Integrating rotational speed sensing, locked rotor detection and automatic recovery functions into the ultra small MSOP10 package, the new Zetex ZXBM2000 series of controller ICs offers a complete variable speed control solution for 2-phase, DC brushless fan and blower motors up to 100W.

The controller's two phase drive outputs deliver up to 80mA to a pair of external MOSFET or bipolar transistors connected to the fan motor windings. Speed control is implemented via the application of a variable external voltage or an NTC thermistor input.

To detect fan rotor position, a built-in-Hall amplifier enables Hall sensors to be interfaced to the IC directly and so remove the need for external signal conditioning circuitry. 4-pin 'naked' Hall sensors or 3-pin buffered switching types can be used.

The ZXBM2000 product range comprises three variants offering a choice of diagnostic outputs. The ZXBM2003 provides a frequency generator (rotor speed) output; the ZXBM2002 offers a locked rotor error output; the ZXBM2M00 1 combines both signals on a dual function pin.

When an obstruction in the fan blade or a seized bearing causes a locked rotor condition, the phase drive outputs go into a safe drive mode to protect the transistor pair and motor windings. The time spent in the mode is determined by an external timing capacitor or by a clearance of the fault.

The ZXBM2000 series will serve a wide range of mainframe, PC, instrumentation and climate control applications. These devices are complemented by the complete range of Zetex discrete MOSFET and bipolar transistors, provided in the latest space-saving packages.

The 1,000 piece price is $0.60 each. Delivery is quoted at 4-6 weeks in production volumes.

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Zetex is a leading provider of high performance semiconductor solutions for analog signal processing and power management. The company designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and application-specific linear integrated circuits and discrete semiconductor devices using a wide variety of wafer processing technologies.

The Zetex analog product catalog includes DC-DC converters, Class D audio amplifiers, voltage references, regulators and monitors, low saturation bipolar transistors, low on-resistance MOSFETs, Varactors and Schottky diodes. It also features high frequency amplifiers and filters, LNB bias controllers and TRAC, the Totally Reconfigurable Analog Circuit.

Headquartered in Oldham near Manchester in the UK, Zetex employs more than 800 people worldwide. The company has two wafer fabrication plants in the UK and carries out package development, and test at its facilities in Germany and China and through subcontractors in Asia.

Zetex operates sales offices in Oldham, Munich, Hong Kong and New York and is supported by a global component distribution network. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telemetrix plc.

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