Failure Prevention Just Got Easier with ABB's Smarter, Safer Load Tap Changer

ABB's Type VRLTC load tap changer features an improved microprocessor based monitoring system (TLMS) for better decision making and real-time emergency alert data.

Chicago, IEEE PES – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, today announced it will be demonstrating a new and improved Type VRLTC load tap changer at the IEEE event, with enhanced intelligence and safety features on display.

The ABB Type VRLTC is a vacuum reactance on load tap changer which has a digital motor drive system and an intelligent, microprocessor based monitoring system. The microprocessor based monitoring system (TLMS) is capable of making decisions within the tap changer system and alerting the user based upon real time data when non-ideal conditions occur. With the firmware release of TLMS 1.1 the Type VRLTC offers increased performance monitoring and enhanced safety features. Due to the digital drive and functionality of the TLMS, the Type VRLTC also comes with a standard electronic hand-crank feature which will eliminate safety concerns related to hand-cranking the load tap changer (LTC) while the transformer is energized.

TLMS 1.1 is a fully integrated solution which makes the Type VRLTC the smartest and safest load tap changer available.  The TLMS intelligent software enables proactive vacuum interrupter monitoring before, during, and after each tap change, providing the user with integrated LTC performance graphs as opposed to relying on reactive dissolved gas analysis. 

ABB will be demonstrating the Type VRLTC load tap changer and the TLMS 1.1 integrated solution at the 2014 IEEE PES Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, at the ABB booth (#6725). For more information about the ABB Type VRLTC load tap changer, click here.

"We are pleased to introduce this enhanced Type VRLTC load tap changer to our customers," said Jon Brasher, ABB's technical specialist and designer for the VRLTC tap changer. "This solution is already the world's smartest tap changer, and we have now added technology such as the operational torque monitoring and digital hand-cranking test mode that make the Type VRLTC even smarter and safer."            


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