Fabrico Expands Copper Foil Converting for Transformer Applications

November 7, 2007

KENNESAW, GA - Fabrico, the leading provider of design and manufacturing services for flexible materials, has recently expanded its copper foil converting capabilities to better serve transformer applications. Fabrico now offers a wider variety of cuffing, cutting, and laminating processes that incorporate copper foil and insulating tape materials.

Configurations include those that are completely encapsulated with insulating tape, as well as those with cuffed insulating tape to allow for an exposed strip of copper. In the case of encapsulated configurations, the copper is fully laminated in insulating tape. The edges of the tape are then rotary die cut to trim off excess material. Cuffed configurations consist of tape that has already been cut or slit to size, creased or cuffed for particular dimensions, and then laminated to the copper. In these configurations, there is a center strip of exposed copper either on the top, or on both the top and bottom, depending on the end use. Custom configurations are also available.

Copper foil thicknesses range from 0.001"-0.032", with a maximum width of 4" and ID core sizes from 3"-6". A wide variety of insulating tapes are available, including those with a polyester Kapton® substrate, and an acrylic or silicone adhesive.

About Fabrico

Fabrico is the market leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials. By focusing on its customer's needs, Fabrico has developed a track record of solving unique challenges and providing sound customer solutions. EIS Fabrico is headquartered at 4175 Royal Drive, Suite 800, Kennesaw, GA 30144; Tel: 678-202-2700; Fax: 678-202-2702; E-mail: info@fabrico.com; Web: www.fabrico.com.

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