Eye Tracking System offers entry-level, upgradeable solution.

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Modular EYE START performs basic eye tracking and can also serve as eye tracking training tool. Limited to use on chinrest, system includes everything necessary to eye track and display crosshair over stimulus displayed on computer screen. EYENAL and FIXPLOT analysis software are provided as well as software development kit for creating custom user applications. Interface and analysis software is installed on standard PC supplied by user.

Original Press Release:

ASL Introduces EYE START, Entry-Level Eye Tracking System

Bedford, Massachusetts, USA - Getting started in the science of eye tracking can be expensive, and bewildering; there are many different systems and options available. How does one know what level of system and options will be needed, and whether or not one will be able to upgrade capability later on?

Applied Science Laboratories (ASL), the world's leading eye tracking technology developer, announces the introduction of an entry-level eye tracking solution that is both comparably inexpensive as an initial investment, and also modular and upgradeable as the need for a more powerful system with more capabilities develops.

EYE START is an off-the-shelf product designed for customers who want to get into eye tracking but have a limited budget. The basic EYE START at $10,000 USD has enough technology and software to perform basic eye tracking and can also serve as an eye tracking training tool. EYE START is unique, however, in that the customer can upgrade, at any time, to include all of the features available in ASL's extensive product line. It is limited to use on a chinrest, yet is simple and easy to set up and use. This system includes everything necessary to eye track and display a crosshair over stimulus displayed on a computer screen. Additionally, EYE START includes ASL's user-friendly EYENAL and FIXPLOT analysis software and ASL's Software Development Kit (SDK) for customers who want to develop their own software. The interface and analysis software is installed on a standard PC supplied by user.

ASL offers both head-mounted and remote eye tracking systems for research and industry. Eye tracking systems have a wide range of medical research applications and could have significant potential for early detection and treatment of various disorders. Eye tracking systems provide an important design evaluation and research tool for computer displays used in aviation, aerospace, defense and industry. Applications include design of simulators, computer displays and control panels used in air traffic facilities, aircraft and cockpits, vehicles and complex manufacturing displays. Other important applications in communications technology encompass advertising, packaging and publication design, software development and complex traffic signals and signs.

Applied Science Laboratories has been a pioneer in the examination of the human eye's movements and pupil dynamics for over 30 years. ASL was the first company to develop a head-mounted eye tracker, eye/head integration, parallax-free optics, and many other features that are industry standard. ASL's current range of computer-based eye movement measurement equipment has eye-tracking applications in moving vehicles, sports, WEB design, pupilometry and many more. ASL currently has tracking systems in the fields of medicine, cognitive psychology, training, simulation, biomechanics and human factors research. For more information, visit www.a-s-l.com or contact the company at 175 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, Massachusetts, 01730 USA, Tel. (781) 275-4000 Fax. (781) 275-3388.

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