EXTRUGLISS GREEN Vegetal Based Cold Heading Oil

Among a wide range of lubricants dedicated to the requirements of Cold Heading Machinery, CONDAT will present at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2014 Exhibition, its new solution to provide high duty lubrication with optimum safety.

With a main objective on improving productivity and tool life, CONDAT has recently developed a new vegetal based cold heading oil: 


Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetal base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), EXTRUGLISS GREEN enables to manufacture very difficult parts while improving the tools life. This higher lubricity is mainly due to the high polarity of the vegetable bases on materials. Due to its high performance, this oil increases the OEE (efficiency of your machine) and can reduce your tooling budget.

With a viscosity index higher than usual extrusion oils, the lubricant film is more stable at high temperature and allows replacing higher viscosity extrusion oils.

The high flash point of EXTRUGLISS GREEN ensures lower mist and smokes, giving operators a friendly working environment.

And above all, EXTRUGLISS GREEN is a dual-purpose oil: it provides both superior lubrication characteristics to your machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process.

Discover this CONDAT innovation at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2014 exhibition, Hall 15 C 42.

To know more about this innovation: info@condat.fr.

Press contact:

Nathalie VIDAL

CONDAT Communication manager

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38670 Chasse-sur-Rhône


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