Extended-Reach Robots aid in processing large parts.

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Available with horizontal reaches to 122.3 in. and vertical reaches to 219.9 in., MH-series has internally routed cables and hoses and can be placed in close proximity to workpieces/equipment. Floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted units use DX100 controller, capable of handling multiple tasks and controlling up to 8 robots (72 axes), I/O devices, and communication protocols. Featuring brakes on all axes, robots suit coating, dispensing, material cutting, handling, and welding applications.

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New! Motoman MH-Series Robots: Ideal for Processing Large Parts

Dayton, Ohio - The powerful, high-speed MH-series robots have an extremely flexible design, allowing them to be used for a variety of applications, including coating, dispensing, material cutting, handling and welding. The long reach of the MH50 model and the extended reaches of the MH50-35 and MH50-20 make these robots ideal for processing large parts. In many cell layouts, the extended reach models can eliminate the need for an external track, decreasing system cost and simplifying programming. Internally routed cables and hoses maximize system reliability, minimize interference and facilitate programming.

Wide work envelopes with small interference zones allow the MH-series robots to be placed in close proximity to workpieces and equipment, reducing floorspace requirements. The robots have brakes on all axes and can be floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted for layout flexibility.
                      MH50                    MH50-35                 MH50-20
Axes 6 6 6
Payload 50 kg (110.3 lb) 35 kg (77.2 lb) 20 kg (44.1 lb)
Horizontal Reach 2,061 mm (81.1") 2,538 mm (100") 3,106 mm (122.3")
Vertical Reach 3,578 mm (140.9") 4,448 mm (175.1") 5,585 mm (219.9")
Repeatability ± 0.07 mm (0.003") ± 0.07 mm (0.003") ± 0.15 mm (0.006")

The MH50, MH50-35 and MH50-20 robots use Motoman's dynamic, next-generation DX100 controller that includes patented multiple robot control technology to easily handle multiple tasks and control up to eight robots (72 axes), I/O devices and communication protocols. Featuring a robust PC architecture with unmatched memory capacity, the DX100 uses a Windows® CE programming pendant with color touch screen. The energy-saving DX100 controller features faster processing speeds for smoother interpolation, advanced robot arm motion, built-in collision avoidance, quicker I/O response and accelerated Ethernet communication. Its extensive I/O suite includes integral PLC and HMI pendant displays, 2,048 I/O and a graphical ladder editor that can provide system level control. The DX100 controller supports all major fieldbus networks. It is compliant to ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999 and other relevant ISO and CSA safety standards.

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