Extended Baseband Video Baluns

Save stressing your budget and back!

The ETS Extended Baseband Video Baluns (PV840 Series) give you the freedom to use UTP instead of costly coax to transmit baseband video signals with better signal characteristics. Using previously installed wiring, these baluns significantly reduce your labor and materials costs.

There are 14 products in this group of baluns; a balun for any of your needs. As an example, using the Quad Balun (PV845), four distinct baseband video signals can be transmitted on a single run of CAT5 or better UTP, where all 4 pairs in the cable are utilized. Since each pair has a carefully balanced signal, you can run video in two directions on different pairs simultaneously.

The PV849 is one example of our single Extended Baseband Video Baluns. These baluns also come in wall plate versions.

The Extended Baseband Video Balun Series supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM or CCTV color video at distances in excess of 1,082 feet, depending on the cable type. Black-and-white signals will typically be supported up to 2,460 feet.

ETS Extended Baseband Video Baluns - not the most expensive, just the best!

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