Extech Data Systems Announces Two-Inch Printers for Field Service Applications

Portable receipt printers increase efficiency and accuracy of Dyson service engineers

Waltham, MA - Extech Data Systems, a leading developer of portable printers for enterprise-wide applications, announces its two-inch battery operated thermal printers for field service applications. When paired with mobile computers, Extech's printers increase efficiency and accuracy, streamline basic functions like billing, and save a significant amount of time and money.

Extech's two-inch printers are a key component in a mobile computing solution for Dyson, the celebrated home appliance innovator. Dyson, aware that it needed to increase efficiency to follow through on its same-day service and repair promise, provided each of its 200 service engineers with a Panasonic Toughbook Pocket PC and Extech's MST IV MCR portable printer.

When selecting the printer, Panasonic worked with Maxa Technologies Plc, who recommended the Extech printer as best suited to Dyson's needs. Dyson was impressed with the printer's small, lightweight design, rugged composition, and impressive battery performance, all of which are important considerations for field computing applications. Weighing less than one pound with the battery and paper installed, the printer is easily worn on a belt.

Prior to this solution, Dyson's service engineers labored through a lengthy administrative process each time they received a service and repair call. The details of each call were written by hand and then typed into a home based computer, printed out, and mailed to the central office, where the information and payments for each call were processed. This process wasted two hours per day of each service engineer's time, which could be otherwise spent attending to service calls.

The combination of Extech's printers with Panasonic Toughbooks provided Dyson with the compact, competitively priced, rugged solution they sought. Dyson is now able to communicate all customer and repair details directly from the head office to a handheld computer carried by each engineer. On site, service engineers can input the details of the call into the handheld computer and produce an instant receipt for the customer, with information on the work carried out and any payment due. This solution leaves little room for human error, which was often a problem when documenting credit card numbers by hand. The mobile computing solution is significantly faster, more accurate, and more professional than the previous system.

About Extech Data Systems

Extech Data Systems, a division of Extech Instruments, is one of the world's leading developers of portable printers for enterprise-wide applications centered around mobile information and remote transactions. The company designs, develops and markets portable printer products, and sells its products worldwide through a global network of distributors and marketing partners. Extech printers are high speed, innovative, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. With over 17 years experience developing portable printers, Extech Data Systems has the industry knowledge, design expertise, and technological skills needed to meet customer mobile printing needs.

For further information about Extech Data Systems and its products, call 781-890-7440 or visit www.extech.com.

About Dyson

Dyson was founded in 1993 by inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson and now boasts a product range that includes an upright cleaner range, a cylinder cleaner range, and a laundry range. Dyson's products are offered in 22 countries and have achieved over $10 billion sales worldwide.

For more information, visit www.dyson.com.

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