Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer is ATEX-compliant.

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Designed for applications in hazardous environments, Type-950XP converts 4-20 mA signal to proportionally linear pneumatic output to actuate valves. It complies with ATEX directive 94/9/EC and is approved by FM, CSA, and Cenelec for explosionproof applications. Able to process impure air, unit features NEMA 4X housing, tapped exhaust option, and electronic feedback control. Transducer, accurate to 0.10%, also offers direct, reverse, and split range modes.

Original Press Release:

Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer Combines High-Performance, Reliability and Now ATEX Intrinsically Safe Compliant

AMHERST, NH, USA - June 2007, ControlAir Inc. announces the Type-950XP Explosion-proof I/P Transducer is now ATEX compliant. The I/P Transducer was designed to deliver reliable high performance for the toughest applications in the most hazardous environments. The Type 950XP approved by Factory Mutual (FM), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Cenelec for explosion-proof applications, is now compliant with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in Europe.

The Type 950XP converts an electrical current signal to a proportionally linear pneumatic output to actuate valves. Its NEMA 4X (IP65) housing is designed for both Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-Proof operation. The "Tapped Exhaust" option on the Type 950XP is used to connect piping which captures natural gas that vents from the unit and escorts it to a safe area, often away from the application, where it can be safely released as required. Advanced circuitry includes electronic feedback control for superior vibration protection and highly accurate output. In addition to accuracy of 0.10%, the Type 950XP also delivers low hysteresis, and excellent repeatability. This is performance that surpasses most control system requirements. Yet because it typically consumes only .05 SCFM (0.11m3/hr) of air in operation, it not only costs less to buy, it costs less to operate as well. The Type 950XP is able to process impure air thus reducing downtime. Easy access Zero and Span adjustments make bench or field calibration quick and easy. For operating versatility, options include direct, reverse and split range modes.

The Type 950XP I/P Transducer has a built-in volume-booster that provides up to 10 SCFM air flow capacity to drive large valves, cylinders and actuators. The unit utilizes an input signal of 4-20 mA and has field-selectable output ranges of 3-15 psig, 3-27 psig, 6-30 psig and 1-17 psig. Supply pressures range up to 100 psig. The standard mounting bracket allows mounting directly on a valve, wall, panel, or pipe. The Type 950XP is insensitive to position, vibration, supply pressure variation and RMI/EFI interference.

The Type 950XP joins ControlAir's "family" of ATEX approved Transducer products. Approved for use with natural gas, it is ideal for natural gas extraction and transport applications such as natural gas gathering stations, compressor stations, pipeline feed, and booster stations that are in remote locations and often do not have access to compressed plant air for operation of pneumatic valve actuators. The Type 950XP I/P Transducer is also ideal for valve control applications where the environment can be hazardous, in such industries as, chemical, petrochemical, paint, mining, and oil and gas.

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