Experienced Kubiec-Conduit Producer Chooses Thermatool Equipment for Mill in Ecuador

Kubiec-Conduit, Ecuador, selected Thermatool to supply a 200kW HAZControl™ Technology Welder and an Alpha® Flying Shear Mach 2 Cutoff. The two new pieces of equipment were selected for high speed production of conduit to keep up with growing demand in South America. The Thermatool HAZControl™ Technology Welder is the only welder in the tube and pipe industry that allows the operator to select an optimal welding frequency as well as to reliably and consistently maintain the selected power and frequency through a mill run at any given time. The recipe driven HF Welding system also gives operators the ability to precisely repeat Vee Length using the Vee Axis™ control.  The ability to store and retrieve weld parameters for consistent runs from shift-to-shift, increases process repeatability. The Thermatool HAZControl™ Technology HF Welder has precise heat input control, resulting in the smallest id bead (uncut), this ideal for conduit.  The features combine to minimize scrap and maintain high quality welds, a key to making conduit profitably. Kubiec-Conduit also has several other Thermatool HAZControl™ Technology HF Welders installed and operating successfully in their other plants.

Kubiec-Conduit also installed an Alpha® Flying Shear Cutoff for cutting conduit at up to 150MPM (500FPM). The Alpha® was fitted with a TRC Series Double Cut Dieset for in-line dimple free cutting. Operators benefit from the Alpha Double Cut Dieset by getting a shear cut which leaves no internal swarf as a result of the cut.  This means no post processing washing of the product, as would be required when cutting conduit with a cold saw.  The Alpha Flying Shear cutoffs are also know for excellent blade life, achieving up to 40,000 cuts between vertical blade changes.  Fast, accurate cuts made in-line on the mill, means low cost ready to ship directly off the mill.

With the newly installed equipment in production, Kubiec-Conduit can better meet the demands of conduit customers in South America.

Thermatool® HAZControl™ Technology 200kW Welder and Alpha® Flying Shear Cutoff installed and operating at Kubiec-Conduit.

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Peter Meglin


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