Expansion Bolts offer secure connection to structural tube.

Press Release Summary:

BoxBolt expansion bolts feature expansion anchor to provide safe connections to square, rectangular, circular, and other types of structural steel tube sections where access is restricted to one side. Offered in mild or stainless steel, units come in 5 bolt diameters from 5/16-¾ in. and screw lengths from 2-6 in. Each bolt diameter has 3 overlapping clamping range lengths. Smallest BoxBolt has clamping range of 1/8-7/8 in., and largest has clamping range of 2 3/8-4 in.

Original Press Release:

New Line of BoxBolt(TM) Expansion Clamps for Safe, Secure Connections to Structural Tube Introduced by BeamClamp(TM) Division of Kee Industrial Products

(November 2004) - The BeamClamp Division of Kee Industrial Products, Inc., Buffalo, New York announces the introduction of its new BoxBolt expansion bolts as part of the new line of BeamClamp steelwork connectors. BoxBolts feature an expansion anchor to provide for simple, safe and secure connections to square, rectangular, circular, and other types of structural steel tube sections where access is restricted to one side only. BoxBolts install easily using an open-ended wrench to hold the hexagonal shoulder in place while a torque wrench is used to tighten the core bolt, according to Kee Industrial. As the core bolt is tightened, the threaded wedge is drawn up inside the body, the fins expand, and a secure connection is made. Since the fins expand, no close tolerance holes are required. (Note: To reduce installation time, BoxBolts can be supplied with BoxSok(TM), an accessory that attaches to most air and power tools.) New BoxBolts are available in mild or stainless steel in five bolt diameters from 5/16" to 3/4" and screw lengths from 2" to 6" Kee Industrial states. Each bolt diameter has three overlapping clamping range lengths (combined thickness of the steel being connected and the steelwork being connected to) that accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses. The smallest standard BoxBolt has a clamping range of 1/8" to 7/8", and the largest has a clamping range of 2-3/8" to 4". Special lengths are available to meet ranges exceeding standard parts. All loads connected properly with BoxBolts have a 5:1 Factor of Safety, the company says. Guaranteed Safe Working Loads (SWL) range from 607 to 1,349 lbs. tensile and 1,574 lbs. shear for 5/16" diameter BoxBolts to 1,798 to 9,824 lbs. tensile and 8,992 shear for 3/4" diameter BoxBolts. For free literature and more information, contact the BeamClamp Division of Kee Industrial Products, Inc. 100 Stradtman Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Phone: 716-896-4949. Fax: 716-896-5696. Toll-Free: 1-800-851-5181. E-mail: info@beamclamp.com. URL: BeamClamp.com.

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