Excimer Laser eliminates wafer scribing.

Press Release Summary:

IX-1000 ChromaLift(TM) homogenizes laser beam profile and fires through back of sapphire wafer to de-bond GaN LED device and transfer it to substrate. Capabilities include large area-per-shot, either step and repeat or fire on-the-fly, of up to 1 x 1 cm area. Programmed via Windows 2000(TM) Software, system includes PC-controlled power meters and beam profilometer. It suits LED Lift-off applications in compound semiconductor and wafer fabrication industries.

Original Press Release:

JPSA Laser Introduces IX-1000 ChromaLift(TM) LED Lift-off System; Eliminates Wafer Scribing

Hollis, New Hampshire, USA - JPSA Laser introduces its revolutionary IX-1000 ChromaLift(TM) Excimer Laser system for LED Lift-off applications in the compound semiconductor and wafer fab industries. A major cost of LED fabrication is the sapphire and the scribe-and-break operation. LED liftoff dramatically reduces the time and cost of the LED fabrication process.

LED lift-off promises to eliminate wafer scribing by enabling the manufacturer to grow Gan LED film devices on the sapphire wafer, for example, and then transfer the thin film device to a heat sink electrical interconnect. The IX-1000 ChromaLift(TM) homogenizes the laser beam profile and fires through the back of a sapphire wafer to de-bond the GaN LED device and transfer it to a substrate where it can then be packaged onto a heat sink and/or optical reflector.

In making the announcement, Jeffrey P. Sercel, President, said, "Using special wafers, the sapphire growth substrate may possibly be re-used, and the cost of LED fabrication can be reduced. Additionally, this approach is fast, delivering increased LED light output, and has low operating costs due to low stress on the Excimer laser."

Capabilities of the IX-1000 ChromaLift(TM) include Large area-per-shot, either step and repeat or fire on the fly, of up to 1cm by 1cm area. Different laser powers allow different Fields Of View; High pulse energy option 8mm by 8mm up to 1 cm by 1cm at 50 sites per second; 5mm by 5mm up to 100 sites per second; and 3mm by 3mm up to 200 sites per second, etc.

The system includes PC-controlled power meters and beam profilometer, an Automatic Door Class 1 system, industrial-grade reliability with R&D flexibility, and the system is programmed and controlled via user-friendly Windows 2000(TM) Software.

JPSA products and services include UV excimer and DPSS laser micro machining systems, UV and VUV laser beam delivery systems, UV laser materials processing development, optical damage testing, and excimer laser refurbishment services. JPSA Laser operates a high-performance UV laser job shop as well as a systems engineering and manufacturing business.

For more information, visit www.jpsalaser.com, or contact the company at 17D Clinton Drive, Hollis, NH 03049 USA, Tel. 603.595.7048, fax 603.598.3835. E-mail: jsercel@jpsalaser.com

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