Evexia™ and MediMode™ Patient Lights feature antimicrobial finishing.

Press Release Summary:

Evexia™ and MediMode™ Patient Lights are suitable for lobby, emergency lighting, exterior pole lights, parking garage fixtures and office space troffers. Featuring contoured shape and die-cast end-caps, Evexia™ patient bed light comes with extruded aluminum body, multiple switching and control options. Offering 3000K illumination light, MediMode™ recessed patient light is available in 2 x 4 and 2 x 2 sizes with stainless steel hinge.

Original Press Release:

With New Evexia and MediMode, Hubbell Healthcare Solutions Checks In to the Patient Room

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that it will go to market with two new products that will redefine the value proposition of traditional fixtures in the patient room at healthcare facilities.

While many of the current solutions were converted to solid-state from fluorescent, Hubbell has taken a different path. Healthcare Solutions has designed around the characteristics of solid-state solutions – eliminating the need to compromise on luminaire performance or aesthetics. The introduction of Evexia and MediMode demonstrate how this approach delivers a winning combination of features that meets or exceeds the needs of all healthcare stakeholders.

The addition of these specific patient room products will immediately enhance Hubbell’s overall value proposition for the healthcare facility. Its portfolio of LED lighting solutions helps improve operations, reduces maintenance, performs as advertised and saves money. From recessed downlights in the lobby, emergency lighting, exterior pole lights and parking garage fixtures and office space troffers, Hubbell Lighting has the solutions for all healthcare facility lighting applications.

“We have focused on the needs of the patient, medical personnel and facility management to create solutions that support the healing process and respond to the operational concerns of these facilities,” said John Hollander, director of brand development at Hubbell Lighting. “In the patient room specifically, the lighting must support tasks that range from a patient reading a magazine to a physician conducting a critical medical evaluation. This can only be accomplished with luminaire designs that are more architectural and less institutional in appearance – responding to the movement of a more inviting and relaxed environment for the patient.”

Evexia™ LED Patient Bed Light

The Evexia is designed to meet the various requirements of demanding healthcare environments such as patient rooms and examination spaces. Specifically, it’s an option for illumination in the patient bed environment. The combination of product aesthetics, functional performance, durable construction, ease of installation and dedicated LED design makes it a desirable option against market alternatives.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contoured shape enhances performance and simplifies cleaning.
  • Die-cast end-caps and extruded aluminum body provide durability.
  • Provides ambient and reading illumination with optional night light.
  • Antimicrobial finish in three standard colors.
  • Multiple switching and control options.

MediMode™ Multi-Function Recessed Patient Light

The MediMode is a multi-function recessed patient light designed to fulfill illumination requirements or the patient environment. It addresses the ambient, reading and examination needs with an overall design that is architecturally pleasing.

Designed with both the patient and medical professional’s needs in mind, MediMode strikes a balance between visual comfort and high quality illumination for critical tasks. Indirect optical compartments provide soft, low-glare ambient and reading illumination while a separate compartment delivers over 100 foot candles of uniform lighting on the bed surface for patient examination.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in both 2×4 and 2×2 sizes, and an optional full-lensed door is available with a stainless steel hinge (IP 65 rated) or with perimeter screws (IP 65 and NSF2 rated).
  • Designed for varied illumination requirements with four modes of operation – reading, ambient, exam and optional night light in white (3000K) or amber (590 nm).
  • Standard antimicrobial compound additive to all exposed painted surfaces to inhibit the growth of microbes.
  • An optional full-lensed door is available with full stainless steel hinge (IP65 rated) or with perimeter screws (IP65 and NSF2 rated).
  • Easy access to the gear tray and LED board assembly.
  • Multiple switching and control options using Low Voltage Controller.

In October Hubbell Lighting will be hosting a “Lighting for Healthcare Applications” course at its Learning Solutions Center in Greenville, S.C. For more information https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=216104&.

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