Everlight Has Obtained 1,000 Granted Patents

Pursuit of excellence and innovation—establishment of strong patent portfolio

Shulin, New Taipei City – As one of the world's leading LED package manufacturers, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393], now holds more than 1,600 patents and patent applications. Moreover, Everlight obtained its 1,000th granted patent in March this year. Everlight's patent portfolio covers LED chips, phosphors, LED package design, LED luminaires, and many other diverse LED applications. Everlight believes that only with constant dedication in technical development, product innovation, and establishing a strong patent portfolio, can Everlight become one of the top players in the LED industry.

Everlight has continuously shown respect towards the competitor's intellectual properties. Throughout the years, Everlight entered into mutually beneficial licensing agreements with many top-of-the-line LED providers so as to ensure the interests for both Everlight and its customers, while providing more competitive products and services to its clients.

About EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. Ltd.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Playing a critical role in the formation of the global LED industry, the company is rapidly ascending to become a leading supplier due to its dedication to certification, RD, production, quality, marketing and global customer service. EVERLIGHT provides a diverse product portfolio consisting of High Power LEDs, Lamps, SMD LEDs, Lighting Components, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Optocouplers and Infrared Components for various applications. Today, EVERLIGHT is a global company with over 6,400 employees based in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Sweden, U.S., and Canada. Please visit us at www.everlight.com.


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