Everest E5000/E4000 Windows 7 Ready

New Milford, CT - Glacier Computer, a leading developer of rugged industrial computing solutions announced today that the Everest E5000 and Everest E4000 vehicle mount computers are now fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The Everest E5000 and E4000 provide a fixed vehicle mount computing solution for harsh environments including warehouse, supply chain, shop floor, heavy equipment or freight transportation. Both the E5000 and E4000 offer multiple screen sizes (10, 12 and 15 inch) as well as multiple processor and operating system options, including Windows XP/Pro, XP/E, Vista, Linux and now Windows 7.

The Everest series of computers include the E5000, E4000 and the new E2000 for customers who require a Windows CE operating system. Glacier's Everest vehicle mount computers feature a custom onboard diagnostic and configuration utility, as well as programmable function buttons. The utility provides IT personnel with "flight recorder" like data as well as real time access to key statistics such as processor temperature, reboots, etc. The function buttons offer the unique ability to program frequently used tools into one-touch availability, thereby extending the life of the touchscreen.

With an internal isolated power supply, the Everest eliminates the need for external power converters or filters when mounting on 12V through 48V forklifts and vehicles. Additional key features include multiple standard I/O, USB 2.0, internal 1 hour smart UPS and multiple expansion slots. The Everest series offers 802.11a/b/g LAN, WAN, Bluetooth and GPS options. Glaciers' Everest series of computers are HALT tested, and have passed thermal and reliability testing, and have an MTBF of nearly 40,000 hours.

Learn more about the Everest vehicle mount computers at www.glaciercomputer.com or call us at 603-882-1560 x224.

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