Evaluation/Emulation Board is used to debug DSP systems.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing fixed-point DSP TMS320VC5410A at 160 MHz as primary frequency, EVM5410+XDS510 evaluation and emulation Combo Board supports C6xxx, C5xxx, C2xxx and VC33X. It allows for adding peripherals such as A/D sampling card, storage card, and network card to meet various user needs. Operating on 7.5-15 V external single power supply, board suits applications in study, scientific research, experimentation, and product development.

Original Press Release:

TI DSP Evaluation and Emulation Combo Board by GAO

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) is introducing a new combination evaluation and emulation board for popular TI DSPs. This EVM5410+XDS510 Combo Board is an efficient tool utilizes fixed-point DSP TMS320VC5410A at 160MHz as the primary frequency.

This evaluation and emulation Combo Board supports 'C6XXX, 'C5XXX, 'C2XXX and VC33X enabling users to debug a DSP system easily. Advanced peripherals, such as an A/D sampling card, storage card, and network card, can be conveniently added to satisfy various needs.

GAO's EVM5410+XDS510 Combo Board offers the following features:

o The upgraded version of DES5410PP-U, reserves all functions of DES5410PP-U
o DSP extending BUS offers Address BUS, Data BUS, read/write control signal wire and IRQ signal wire to the daughter card.
o Upgrade MIC & SPEAK interface to standard stereo slot, convenient to use microphone and earphone
o Integrated JTAG control circuits allows you to use CCS without external emulator
o Provides the function of parallel XDS510 Emulator, supports all TMS320 family DSP.
o External host (PC) may access on-chip memory of DSP by communicating with HPI port
o External single power supply, voltage 7.5V-15V
o Applicable for study, scientific research, experimentation, product development, etc.

For more information about the EVM5410+XDS510 Combo Board, please visit www.GAOTek.com, or contact:sales@GAOTek.com

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