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Ethernet Networking Accessory fosters communication integration.

Press Release Summary:

Apr 17, 2014 - Featuring digital communication capabilities, Multi Channel Operator Interface helps keep analyzer platforms up to date. This accessory, which offers Ethernet capability and can be user-programmed for 1–9 channels, can be used as stand-alone operator interface or connected to PLC via integrated additional output.

Control Instruments Corp. - Fairfield, NJ

Original Press Release

Multi Channel Operator

Press release date: Apr 16, 2014

Control Instruments is excited to introduce the newest member of the Control Instruments family of products... their Multi Channel Operator Interface. Not only does this accessory feature the latest in digital communication but it will also help to keep your analyzer platforms up-to-date.

Some additional functions include:
• Can be user programmed for 1-9 channels
• Ethernet Capability
• Can be used as a stand-alone operator interface, or can use its additional output to be connected into a PLC

Control Instrument Corporation
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