Ethernet Direct Deploys Wireless System in Mobile Base Stations

Taipei, Taiwan, 27 August, 2010 - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, shares a special application about wireless system in mobile base stations.

In-car video surveillance systems are commonly installed in law enforcement agencies' vehicles. In-car surveillance systems not only enhance officer safety, but also improve law enforcement agency accountability and reduce agency liability. Ethernet connections are used to transferring the video files stored in the hard disk installed in car to the control center.

The recent development on new wireless technology allows the Ethernet connections to go wireless. Normally, when the vehicles pull up to the stations, officers will have to take out the storage device and take it to the control center to download the data, and take it back when next shift starts. This way of dealing with stored video files is cumbersome and inconvenient.

With the new development of wireless technologies, the file transfer process can be much easier and quickly. And with less officers' interaction with the video files which constitute evidence, the agencies liability can be substantially reduced, and protect the integrity of the video evidence.

To implement an in-car IP wireless video surveillance system involves digital camera, mesh network points, video servers, monitoring stations, and more. Wireless access points are installed on each exterior wall of the base stations, and also in each vehicle. A disk drive is also equipped onto the vehicle for storage purpose. Once the vehicle drives back into the station, the file transfer can be initiated and transferred to the control room via the wireless network without being taken out of the car. The footages can also be transmitted back to the control center if the vehicle is within wireless transmission range.

For this project, the system integrator chose Ethernet Direct to provide industrial wireless and video over Ethernet solutions. OVS-100 is a 1-channel IP surveillance video server which converts analog video signals into IP video streams. OVS-100 video server can steam digitized video over IP networks in the same way that an IP camera can. Ethernet Direct also offers industrial mesh wireless AP for this project. Ethernet Direct Falcon Series industrial wireless mesh system helps improve user performance and density. Its QoS enhances bandwidth priority to voice (VOIP) and image (surveillance/IPTV).

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