Ethernet Adapter suits IBM BladeCenter enterprise servers.

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Enabling server networking, storage networking, and clustering on single platform, Model S320em-bc dual-port, 10 GB Ethernet adapter has PCI Express interface optimized for storage applications. T3-based card offloads TCP/IP, iSCSI, and iWARP RDMA processing from host system, freeing up host CPU cycles for other applications. Consuming only 16 W, unified wire accelerator can run InfiniBand applications on Ethernet, and offers integrated traffic manager and classification engine.

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Chelsio Delivers 10 Gb Ethernet Unified Wire for IBM BladeCenter

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 26 -- Chelsio Communications, Inc., the leading provider of 10-Gigabit Ethernet unified wire solutions, today announced availability of its T3-based Unified Wire Accelerators, which enable server networking, storage networking and clustering on a single platform. The Unified Wire interconnect solution has been qualified by industry organization for use with IBM BladeCenter enterprise servers.

The S320em-bc from Chelsio, an active member, is a dual-port 10Gb Ethernet adapter with PCI Express interface optimized for storage applications. The T3-based card offloads TCP/IP, iSCSI and iWARP RDMA processing from the host system, freeing up host CPU cycles for other applications. Chelsio's 10Gb iWARP adapter is the only one in the industry accepted into the Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution. As such, this card can run InfiniBand applications on Ethernet. Further, when combined with Chelsio's commercial grade iSCSI target stack, it can run Fibre Channel applications on Ethernet. The adapter consumes only 16W, making it also the lowest power solution of its type in the market.

The S320em-bc offers an integrated traffic manager and classification engine. It can shape and pace traffic on a per connection basis or per class basis for such applications as video on demand, converged clustering and storage traffic. It can further examine traffic at line rate and compare against tens of thousands of rules using bitwise masks and wild cards for use in firewall and sniffing applications. T3 further offers integrated virtualization facilities that allow running of multiple guest operating systems on the same card. The above facilities can be further combined with each other to allow a host of traffic engineering features unique to T3.

" is proud to have Chelsio deliver its 10Gb Ethernet accelerator technology as part of IBM's growing BladeCenter solutions," said Doug Balog, chairman for "Chelsio is one of the leading 10Gb Ethernet adapter companies, and we share a vision of accelerating the adoption of server blades in the mainstream marketplace."

"We are excited to have our T3-based adapters available today for the IBM BladeCenter," said Kianoosh Naghshineh, president and CEO of Chelsio. "Our Unified Wire is the highest performance 10GB Ethernet interface technology available and it enables the convergence of storage, clustering, and server networking applications onto a single unified fabric. The additional traffic management, classification, and virtualization functions will further relieve the host CPU of the burden of all byte-touching operations at 10GbE."

The S320em-bc is list priced at $895 and is available from Bell Microproducts, Chelsio's distribution partner.

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Chelsio Communications is leading the convergence of networking, storage and clustering interconnects with its robust, high-performance and proven unified wire technology. Featuring a highly scalable and programmable architecture, Chelsio is shipping 10-Gigabit Ethernet and multi-port Gigabit Ethernet adapter cards, delivering the low latency and superior throughput required for high-performance computing applications. For more information, visit the company online at

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