EtherCAT Modules feature 2- and 4-axis universal drives.

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With ratings of 12–80 Vdc and 2.5–20 A, UDMMC EtherCAT Motor Drives are programmable to control 2- or 3-phase servo motors, DC brush motors, voice coil motors, and 2- or 3-phase step motors. Four-axis unit can be ordered with mixed current specification. With optional ServoBoost™ algorithm, positioning systems can achieve speeds of m/s and nanometers of jitter. Safe torque off cuts power to motor without removing power source for applications that need to comply with SIL-3 and PLe safety levels.

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ACS' New Compact, Powerful and Cost-Effective EtherCat® Dual & Quad Axis Drive Module

MIGDAL HA’EMEK, Israel – ACS Motion Control introduces a line of compact EtherCAT modules that features two and four universal drives with rating of 12 Vdc to 80Vdc and 2.5A (5A peak) to 20A (40A peak) per drive. Each drive is programmable to control a two- or three-phase servo motor, a DC brush motor, a voice coil motor, and a two- or three-phase step motor.

The UDMMC EtherCAT motor drive addresses the needs of demanding multi-axis motion applications with limited space, such as wafer-handling robots, wire bonders, die bonders, electronics packaging, small manipulators, and table-top motion stages.

With the optional powerful ServoBoost™ algorithm (ordered with the controller), demanding positioning systems can achieve ultimate performance levels, such as speeds of meters per seconds and Nanometers of jitter, minimal settling time, and uncompromising system robustness, all with minimal sensitivity to disturbances and changes. The safe torque off (STO) cuts the power to the motor without removal of the power source for applications that are required to comply with SIL-3 and PLe safety levels.

The four-axis UDMMC can be ordered with mixed current specifications. The UDMMC is a slave drive that runs under any ACS’ EtherCAT masters. The MMI Application Studio, a comprehensive set of software support tools, is provided for configuration, setup, tuning and diagnostics.

"The UDMMC offers a unique combination of performance, features, small footprint and price, superior to any other offering available in the market today" said Eldad Lapidot, ACS' system integrator. "It is our preferred solution for applications that demand high motion performance, are cost sensitive and have limited space."

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