ESPRIT 2008 by DP Technology at NORTEC, Hamburg, Germany, Jan. 23-26 (15-Jan-2008)

ESPRIT 2008 computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software will be exhibited by CAM industry innovator DP Technology at the NORTEC trade fair for manufacturing technology, slated to take place Jan. 23-26 in Hamburg, Germany.

Operating under its "make and buy" motto and touted as a valuable technological marketplace for Northern Europe, NORTEC assembles manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors under one roof and serves as a gathering for engineers, users, production specialists and others specializing in the aircraft, shipbuilding, medical and vehicle industries.

Those interested in learning more about the advantages of ESPRIT will be treated to one-on-one demonstrations and presentations of new features available within the latest generation of the product, as well as personal attention from DP staff.

With this new version of ESPRIT, DP Technology celebrates the 10th anniversary of the current generation of the ESPRIT CAM system, which was originally introduced to the market in 1986. Advancements available within this latest release include turning stock automation for lathes, EDM machine specific machining technology, improved 3D machining performance, open pocket milling, B-axis turning for 5-axis mill-turn machines, and more.

In addition to increasing the performance of the CAM software, the upgrades available within ESPRIT 2008 and on display at NORTEC reduce the time required to produce part programs while increasing the quality of those programs and helping to reduce machining cycle times.

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