ESPRIT 2008 at Subcon 2008, Birmingham, England, April 22-24

The most powerful CAM software ever.

ESPRIT 2008 at Subcon 2008, Birmingham, England, April 22-24

Created by DP Technology, ESPRIT® 2008 computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software will be displayed at Subcon 2008, scheduled to take place at the National Exhibition Center (NEC), in Birmingham, England, April 22-24.

Subcon 2008, an international show for buyers of subcontract manufacturing, draws visitors from all manufacturing sectors and areas of interest ranging from machining and electronic assemblies to plastic molding, metal fabrications, rapid prototyping and more.

ESPRIT® 2008 will be exhibited at stand E2, where there will be opportunities for one-on-one demonstrations and presentations of the new features available within the latest generation of the product, including turning stock automation for lathes, open-pocket milling, EDM machine specific machining technology, improved 3D machining performance, B-axis turning for 5-axis mill-turn machines, and more.

In addition to increasing the performance of the CAM software, the upgrades on display at Subcon and available within ESPRIT 2008 reduce the time required to produce part programs while increasing the quality of those programs and helping to reduce machining cycle times.

FileName Size Date #DLs
2.21.08_Subcon.doc 50,176 20-Feb-2008 1 download
2.21.08_Subcon.pdf 30,084 20-Feb-2008 0 download
2.21.08_Subcon_cmyk.tif 2,764,500 20-Feb-2008 0 download
2.21.08_Subcon_rgb.gif 18,568 20-Feb-2008 0 download

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