ESD Safe Tools feature SwissGrip® handle.

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With soft handle surface that ensures secure grip even if hands are wet, SwissGrip® screwdrivers transfer rotational forces of the hand to screw, maximizing torque. Compact 8215 ESD Screwdriver Set includes ESD handle and precision screwdrivers. Designed to check screw tightening torques for assembly operations, 8315A ESD Torque® Handles come with preset torque setting range of 10 cNm to 5 Nm, which can be adjusted according to specific requirements.

Original Press Release:

New Line of Products from PB Swiss Tools Offer ESD Protection!

Gainesville, GA, July 11, 2008: PB Swiss Tools Electrostatic Dissipating (ESD) screwdrivers safely discharge static electricity, making them an ideal choice when working on computer, electronic and other sensitive devices. The ESD series offers reliable protection to electronic components thanks to a combination of antistatic material and the innovative SwissGrip® handle. SwissGrip® screwdrivers, with their soft handle surface, effortlessly transfer the rotational forces of the hand to the screw, maximizing torque. They are particularly respected in all industries where problem-free, non-tiring work is a requirement. The special structure means that a secure grip is ensured even if hands are wet. PB Swiss Tools ESD series tools are suitable for work on static sensitive electronic components, computer repair, avionics, circuit boards, surface mount technology, and more.

Electrostatic discharge is one of the major causes of device failures in the semiconductor industry. Manufacturers and users of integrated circuits must take precautions to avoid Electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge prevention can be part of the device itself and include special design techniques for device input and output pins. External protection components can also be used with circuit layout and assembly tools, such as the ESD series from PB Swiss Tools.

The new PB Swiss Tools ESD line includes:

8315A ESD Torque® Handle:

This convenient tool makes it easy to check screw tightening torques for assembly operations. Each ESD Torque® handles comes with a preset torque setting, which can be adjusted according to the users' requirements. Each handle is certified ±6% for the highest accuracy. The ESD Torque® handle is easy to recalibrate (measuring device necessary), and accepts all styles of PB 215 interchangeable blades. Available from 10 cNm-5 Nm. (0.89 in-lbf-3.69 ft-lbf.)

8215 ESD Screwdriver Set:

Compact PB Swiss Tools roll-up cases are professional toolkits. They are an indispensable companion for installation and service work. Now, with the addition of the ESD handle and precision screwdrivers, you are guaranteed the extra safety and protection for the equipment you are working on.

8215A ESD Handle for Interchangeable Blades:
Standard ESD handle for PB 215 interchangeable blades.

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PB Swiss Tools specializes in high quality hand tools that are designed for anyone requiring ergonomics, precision, and optimum performance. All products are backed by an unlimited lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about buying another tool again. We are familiar with the demands that professionals and DIY enthusiasts place on these first-class tools that are in daily use in over 30 countries world-wide.

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