ES&S Unveils Next Generation of Voting Solutions

intElect brand launched, previews election of the future

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 -- Today election officials from across the nation got a glimpse into the election of the future, thanks to Election Systems and Software, Inc. (ES&S). The nation's leading provider of voting solutions unveiled its new intElect(TM) brand of products at the opening of the National Association of Secretaries of State/National Association of State Elections Directors joint winter conference.

"Together, ES&S and election officials have been working to comply with the mandate of the Help America Vote Act," said Aldo Tesi, President and CEO of ES&S. "Now we can turn our focus to fulfilling the true vision of HAVA: more efficient, more accessible, more secure elections. Under the intElect brand of next generation voting solutions, ES&S is proud to present new intelligent and interactive products that will accomplish this goal."

Under the banner of the intElect brand, ES&S is introducing its next- generation suite of voting solutions. Products immediately available include:

-- ES&S' total automated precinct solution, a complete election automation package that includes the intElect PS100(TM) hardware, the intElect ElectionWork(TM) integrated software suite, and the intElect Electronic PollBook(TM).
- intElect ElectionWorks is an integrated software suite from ES&S that features a number of tools to automate elections. Included in ElectionWorks is the intElect Electronic PollBook, which replaces traditional paper-based poll books with the very latest automated voter check-in application.
- intElect ElectionWorks software solutions can be delivered through the intElect PS100 -- an automated election powerhouse. The intElect PS100 is hardware built specifically for enhancing the security and efficiency of conducting elections, particularly in the precinct.

-- Backed by ES&S' decades of experience and innovation know-how, intElect LearningWorks(TM) is a total training package that makes education easier and more effective.
- A key component of LearningWorks, Computer-Based Training (CBT) from ES&S addresses one of the most pressing election needs: ensuring that every election worker is well-prepared. ES&S' CBT makes the training process more convenient, more complete, and more compelling. It complements face-to-face poll worker training and transforms the entire training process into a learning experience.

More on ES&S' CBT Solution: Created Through A World-Class Partnership

To develop the ES&S computer-based training capability, ES&S partnered with Blackboard Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software technology and related services to the education industry. The combination of ES&S' elections experience and Blackboard's innovative technology creates a distinctive platform that will take the training process to the next level.

"It's very exciting to facilitate new educational opportunities, such as election pollworker training, through the Blackboard e-Learning platform," said Tim Hill, President, Professional Education Solutions at Blackboard. "We applaud ES&S for taking the initiative to provide convenient and easy-to- access educational resources on this very important issue of voting, and empowering citizens with the information they need to participate in the electoral process."

The strategic partnership between ES&S and Blackboard represents the coming together of the industry leader in elections and a leader in online learning solutions. The value of this offering is that Blackboard and ES&S can effectively deliver the solution under the banner of intElect LearningWorks, a total training solution that features a number of tools to create a more complete learning experience. The intElect LearningWorks suite includes online web-based training, computer-based training, in-person training, and custom content delivered to the state, county and local election authorities.

More about intElect Products from ES&S: Integrated and Interactive, by Design

ES&S' entire line of intElect products were carefully designed through combining ES&S' deep heritage as an elections-only company and through engaging in a continuous dialogue with election officials. The result is a next-generation suite of voting solutions that speak directly to the needs of election officials and that anticipate the election of the future.

Said Tesi, "Even with the substantial challenge HAVA has presented, ES&S has not been standing still. With each election, we have learned from our experience and gained valuable feedback from our customers. We look forward to continuing this dialogue and innovation with our customers as we move into the next era of elections."

To learn more about the intElect brand of products, visit or call 1-800-247-8683.

About Election Systems & Software (ES&S)

Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S) is the world's largest and most experienced provider of total election management solutions. For more than three decades, ES&S -- as an election-only company and the industry leader -- has grown to support a customer base of nearly 1,700 jurisdictions in the United States. In 2006, nearly 67 million voters in the United States cast ballots using ES&S voting systems.

CONTACT: Rob Palmer, +1-402-938-1412, or Amanda Brown, +1-314-982-7718, both for Election Systems & Software (ES&S)

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