Ermator Celebrates 20 Years of 480 Volt HEPA Extractors

Ermator sold its first 480V 3-phase HEPA extractor in the US in1992. Twenty years later, Ermator's top-of-the-line T12600 is the strongest HEPA extractor in the Concrete Industry.

The first model was the T55, developed in Sweden in 1982. The first US sale was in July 1992. Five years later, the T55 was replaced by the T75. This new machine was smaller, but still had the same filter surface. Other improvements included a new auto-start, polyester pre-filter socks with eleven layers of polyester fibers, and greatly improved water lift.

In 2006, Ermator further improved their product line and replaced the T75 with the model T8600.

The T8600 is easier to transport; the cyclone is 8" lower than on the the T75, to fit better on trailers. The smaller size doesn't mean reduced performance; by replacing the old 7-sock assemblies with a 15-sock assembly, performance is actually better than ever. The new filter system increases the pre-filter area by 16%.

The improvements don't stop there. "Jet pulse" filter cleaning is now standard on all models. The motor has a better cooling system.

The old "Snap-On" hose connecting system has been replaced with a "Cam-lock" system. The hoses are stronger and have a ground wire inside to suppress static electricity.

The T12600, big brother to the T8600, was launched in 2009. With 140" of water lift and 647 CFM, it remains the strongest HEPA Extractor in the Concrete Flooring industry. The T12600 has the same features as T8600 but with more power and a larger filter area. It has become the favorite vacuum for many contractors; in fact, the number 100 was recently sold in California.

More than 3000 Ermator 3-Phase extractors have been sold in the US since that first T55 in July 1992.

Worker health and safety has always been the primary focus in all designs and features. Through the years, all Ermator models have had certain common features - the Longopac collecting system, tested and certified HEPA filtration, and always a greater amount of HEPA filter media than pre-filter media.

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