Ergonomic Container Unloader offers single person operation.

Press Release Summary:

Used to unload 20 and 40 ft freight containers, Empticon is operated by one person via wireless control desk. This eliminates heavy, repeated, and strenuous lifts while moving up to 600 crates/hr. It can be used as stand-alone unit, and unloader also offers flexible integration with other equipment, such as robot palletizers or sorters. It requires minimal maintenance and is available for serving more gates through sideways travelling.

Original Press Release:

New and Improved Empticon for the Unloading of Containers: Save Time - Save Space - Better Ergonomics

The new and improved Empticon is one of Qubiqa's innovative and efficient products for the unloading of freight containers - and our contribution to a better working environment!

The use of Empticon will put an end to the many heavy, repeated and strenuous lifts.

The Empticon quickly and efficiently unloads 20- and 40-feet freight containers, operated by only one operator using a wireless control desk. This way 600 crates can be moved per hour - without any risk of excessive workloads.

The Empticon has a short payback time, is easily operated and requires only a minimum of maintenance.

The machine enters as a natural part of your fully automated material handling equipment.

Prices from 93.900 EUR

Ergonomically correct
Efficient and cost-efficient
An even flow throughout the day
Stand-alone or part of a system
Careful handling of goods
Helps you holding on to the good employees
Available for serving more gates through sideways travelling
Flexible integration with other equipment - i.e. robot palletizing or sorter system
Low maintenance costs when used correctly

Member of the Qubiqa Group

H&M, Greve, DK:
Distribution of textiles - 2007
Mascot International A/S, Silkeborg, DK:
Distribution of working clothes 2008 and 2010: 2 pcs Empticon
Ecco, Tønder, DK:
Production and distribution of shoes - 2008
Abena, Aabenraa, DK:
Distribution of healthcare items - 2007
DKI Logistics A/S, Horsens, DK: Distribution of non-food items - 2008
Tesco, Middlesbrough, UK:
Distribution of non-food items - 2010
Member of the Qubiqa Group

Should you wish to see the Empticon in operation or require further information, please follow the below links or open the attached case story based on our supply to Mascot: Mascot_Empticon case story_uk.pdf Empticon brochure - Empticon video - WWW - or contact our sales department on tel. +45 99 400 000 or e-mail

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