eProsper Announces New Accounting Features and FAS123R Enhancements

CapMx(TM) Automates Accounting Entries and Furthers FAS123R Ease-of-use

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 14 // -- eProsper, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand equity management solutions for private companies, today announced enhancements to its corporate equity management solution, CapMx(TM). Used by nearly 700 private companies, the CapMx(TM) solution streamlines the record-keeping and reporting of all corporate equity and capitalization. Today's new release adds valuable accounting features and new FAS123R ease-of-use enhancements.

CapMx(TM) accounting features now include real-time reports, which provide the accounting entries required to recognize stock issuances and stock option expense.

"Our clients are facing increasingly complex accounting requirements related to corporate equity," said Pam Washburn, Vice President of Business Development at eProsper. "Automating the accounting entries required to book corporate equity transactions replaces what was previously a manual and time-consuming process."

Enhancements related to the FAS123R accounting standard are also part of the new CapMx(TM) release. Much attention has been focused on the new FAS123R standard, which requires companies to measure the fair value of stock options and other equity awards, and to reflect the fair value on their income statements. In response to the evolving interpretation of the standard and in support of audit requirements, eProsper now provides automatic adjustment for actual vesting and cancellations of stock options.

"The eProsper team consistently demonstrates its knowledge of the complexities of FAS123R and continues to bring tools to the table to allow CFOs to ensure compliance with this difficult standard," said Suzanne Gueydan, Vice President of Finance at Lontra, Inc., a provider of on-demand IT service portfolio solutions. "Automatically creating the necessary accounting journal entries for issuances and option expense allows even the novice to handle it with ease."

The new accounting features and FAS123R enhancements are available immediately to eProsper's private company clients.

About eProsper and SVB Analytics

eProsper is majority owned by SVB Analytics, an SVB Financial Group company. eProsper provides on-demand corporate equity administration services and capitalization management to private, venture-funded companies through its industry-leading, Web-based software, CapMx(TM). eProsper's solutions also include PMRx(TM), an on-demand reporting tool that provides standardized and consistent reporting of operating metrics by portfolio companies to their investors. For more information, visit www.eprosper.com.

SVB Analytics services also include fair market company valuations for private, venture capital-backed companies and venture capital firms. More information can be found at www.svb.com/svbanalytics. More information about SVB Financial Group can be found at www.svb.com

Source: eProsper, Inc.

CONTACT: Pam Washburn of eProsper, Inc., +1-650-312-0400, ext. 217, or pwashburn@eprosper.com

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Web site: www.eprosper.com/

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