Epoxy Tank Lining delivers self-priming performance.

Press Release Summary:

Applied via brush, roller, or trowel, EPO-LINE 164 protects steel and concrete tanks from effects of acids, alkalis, and solvents. It is engineered to be used with or without fiberglass reinforcement and imparts abrasion resistance as well as chemical resistance. Able to be used in tanks storing chemicals kept at temperatures up to 400°F, this 100% solids, odorless epoxy has 20-30 min pot life and dries to hard, dense, high-gloss finish in 6 hr.

Original Press Release:

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Tank Lining Offer Convenient Self-Priming Performance

(ST. LOUIS - June 6, 2005) Steelcote Manufacturing announces its EPO-LINE 164 industrial epoxy lining for steel and concrete tanks. This coating is engineered to be used with or without fiberglass reinforcement. EPO-LINE 164 is a self-priming coating that provides superior chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, including sulfuric acid, alkalis and solvents.

EPO-LINE 164 is a brush, roller or trowel-applied 100% solids, odorless epoxy. The product dries to a hard, dense, high gloss finish that offers excellent abrasion resistance. EPO-LINE 164 is used to store chemicals kept at high temperatures (up to 400oF/204oC depending on the chemical and concentration) without affecting the integrity of the coating.

For ease of application EPO-LINE 164 offers a long pot life (20-30 minutes) and a relatively fast dry time (6 hours to the touch).

When applied to steel substrates, EPO-LINE 164 does not require a primer. On new or existing concrete substrates, EPO-LINE 164 requires epoxy primer. Steelcote offers a variety of primers and penetrating sealers for this application.

According to information from the manufacturer, "Steelcote's EPO-LINE 164 is ideal for protecting tanks, containment areas, cooling towers, pulp and paper mills, sewage treatment facilities, ducts, scrubbers and floors exposed to aggressive chemicals and solvents."

Steelcote Manufacturing products are used to create durable, chemical-resistant, and high-impact coatings used in industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Steelcote Manufacturing offers a complete spectrum of fluid-applied construction products, including such well-known names as EPO-LUX(TM), WALL-NU(TM) and EPO-LINE(TM).

Steelcote Manufacturing has more than 90 years of experience in products finishing technology and serves the chemical coatings market through a world network of representatives and distributors. For more information call 800-737-0282.

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