Envox Worldwide Launches Envox 7

Comprehensive support for leading IP voice and video communications capabilities represents an industry breakthrough

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 21 -- Envox Worldwide, a leading global provider of voice solutions, today announced that it has introduced Envox 7, the next generation of its award-winning, open, standards-based communications development platform. Envox 7 significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of developing and deploying voice and IP communications solutions.

Envox 7 represents an industry breakthrough. The product combines comprehensive support for traditional voice communications with the industry's most comprehensive support for IP communications solutions, including IP telephony, video messaging, SMS and e-mail, on a single, cost-effective platform. Envox 7's new video capabilities enable developers to create a variety of video applications including: video messaging, video call-recording and interactive voice and video response (IVVR) solutions. In addition, Envox 7 continues to provide the time-to-market advantages, ease-of-use and unmatched flexibility that empower developers to create a wide range of voice solutions.

"No other communications development platform today combines such a state- of-the-art collection of IP voice and video capabilities with compelling price/performance advantages," said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. "As a result of the rapid evolution of IP telephony, along with other important innovations such as IP-based video messaging, enterprise and personal communications are quickly extending beyond a collection of distinct communication methods, or channels, to a single communication infrastructure with multi-faceted endpoints. This is the vision behind Envox 7: to create a flexible communications development platform that can handle all types of voice, video and text communications. This approach significantly reduces the cost and complexity of communications solutions within the contact center and throughout the enterprise."

Envox 7 includes the following new capabilities which will drive revenues for service providers and dramatically improve efficiency and customer service operations for enterprises:

Video Communication

Video communication, including video messaging, video ring tones, and video conferencing, represents major revenue potential for service providers as well as an opportunity to greatly enhance the customer service experience in the enterprise. The multi-modal capabilities of Envox 7 have been extended to include video communication, enabling developers to take full advantage of 3G mobile phones as well as computer-based softphones.

"As we roll out the tape over the next several years, multimedia communications will gain greater momentum in the enterprise and service provider markets," said Daniel Hong, lead analyst at Datamonitor. "Companies that are considering video as a part of their multimedia strategy should look to those vendors that have clear technology and business differentiators on the platform and performance level, which will help drive greater innovation and success on the application layer. Envox 7 provides a new depth of functionality and features that help create a strong differentiation message."

Innovative Applications Can Be Deployed Based on IP Communication Standards and Technologies

Long a supporter of open standards and the "next generation" voice solutions that they enable, Envox Worldwide is once again at the forefront of the industry with the introduction of Envox 7. The product now supports:

o VoiceXML 2.1 - VoiceXML is the standard for self-service solutions, and
Envox 7 is fully compliant with all of the VoiceXML 2.1 features and

o Call Control XML (CCXML) 1.0 - CCXML is the W3C standard mark-up
language for controlling the setup, monitoring and tear down of phone
calls. CCXML works hand-in-hand with VoiceXML to provide a 100%
standards- and XML-based solution for any telephony application. Envox
7 enables developers to create standards-compliant applications using
CCXML, which will benefit any Web developer or organization developing
voice solutions based on the Web paradigm. Existing customers will
still be able to develop and deploy Envox-formatted scripts while
moving to CCXML applications at their own pace.

o Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) 2.0 - MRCP is an industry
standard that has gained strong support from speech technology
providers. It is designed for network-based solutions where automated
speech recognition (ASR) and/or text-to-speech (TTS) servers are
configured to work together with VoiceXML interpreters, media gateways
and application servers using a VoIP connection. Envox 7 now supports
MRCP 2.0 for ASR and TTS, providing a standard interface for
communicating with ASR and TTS products from Nuance and other leading
speech technology providers. Support for MRCP provides users with a
wider choice of speech technologies, better enabling them to control
the cost of their speech-enabled voice solutions.

o Dialogic's Host Media Processing (HMP) 3.0 Software - Envox 7 extends
support for Dialogic's industry leading HMP 3.0 software, including
video messaging and additional IP enhancements.

o SMS through SS7's GSM Mobile Application Part (GSM MAP) - GSM MAP
allows for the implementation of carrier-grade, mobile-phone based
applications targeted to the GSM network. Envox 7 extends its SS7
support to include SMS communication through MAP, enabling messages to
be delivered to mobile phones through an SS7 network.

"We have worked with Envox Worldwide and the Envox Communications Development Platform for years," said Rich Oldach, executive vice president of strategic marketing, Volt Delta Resources, LLC. "The capabilities provided by this cutting-edge communications development platform have enabled us to effectively handle more than 4.4 billion calls for our customers, and to deliver break-through applications that have helped our business to grow, including advertiser-supported 411 services and hosted call center services. We anticipate that Envox 7 will continue to provide the flexibility and carrier-grade reliability that we need to develop and integrate the new technologies that will give our customers the revolutionary services that they require in order to remain competitive."

Redundancy Improvements and Fault Tolerant Operation

Envox 7 has new features that enable customers to configure and deploy redundant systems to improve overall network performance and reliability. Using these features, customers can now configure domain servers for their networks to automatically monitor the health and status of each server in their network and dynamically transfer licenses to the backup servers if required.

Visionary Product Capabilities

Envox customers are already experiencing the benefits of Envox 7's superior capabilities. "Thanks to Envox 7, Quentris customers are already generating revenue and new business opportunities with video," said Peter Edel, advanced technology manager, Quentris. "The combination of video, along with the broad range of standards supported in Envox 7 dramatically lowers our cost to create new IP communications solutions. This is unmatched in the industry."

All of the new capabilities included with Envox 7 are in addition to the already extensive list of features that are included in the platform:

o A graphical programming environment that reduces development time by
50% or more

o A proven solution for voice over IP (VoIP) deployments; plus, the
flexibility to implement voice solutions in IP, TDM, and mixed networks

o An embedded VoiceXML browser for seamless execution of VoiceXML scripts
and applications

o Support for Web services, which streamlines integration with enterprise
applications and data warehouses

o Compatibility with Envox CT Connect(TM), Envox Worldwide's computer
telephony integration (CTI) software, which provides skills-based
routing and agent screen pops for contact centers, enabling them to
personalize customer interactions and shorten calls

o Numerous integrations for leading telephony and speech products,
including the natural language speech recognition technology from
Nuance and others

o A reliable runtime environment that has processed billions of calls
since its introduction and supports up to 240 ports per server

o Powerful management tools for easily configuring, monitoring and
managing large-scale deployments

"Envox 7 is clearly taking advantage of the rich video and voice capabilities offered in Dialogic HMP 3.0," said Jim Machi, vice president of marketing for Dialogic. "This latest release from Envox Worldwide, a valued Dialogic partner, provides a complete collection of standards-based protocols on which innovative and compelling solutions can be built. As enterprises and service providers seek to offer personalized and differentiated voice and video services to their customers, Envox 7 is perfectly positioned as the platform of choice."

For more information about Envox 7, or to download an evaluation version, please visit www.envox.com/software/envox-7.asp.

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Envox Worldwide is a leading global provider of voice solutions. The company's software products and related services, including Envox OnDemand, dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity of creating voice solutions and empower enterprises and service providers to significantly reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and generate new revenue streams. Headquartered in Boston, Envox products are available through a network of global channel partners. For more information, please visit www.envox.com.

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