Environmental Tectonics Corporation Announces That Its Advanced Disaster Management Simulator Bridges Training Gap

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., Jan. 8 - Environmental Tectonics Corporation (AMEX:ETC) ("ETC" or the "Company") announced today the introduction of First Responder Simulation Training Services, a new service-based initiative for emergency management training, using ETC's Advanced Disaster Management Simulator, ADMS.

ETC's on-site, highly cost-effective ADMS Training Services are now available. Training exercises can be customized to match specific training objectives, local procedures, facilities, assets and personnel. ADMS trains to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards for incident management protocols and procedures for effective collaboration between federal, state and local response teams and at all levels of NIMS response requirements, from management and control to all the on-scene requirements.

Bridging the Training Gap

Over the past twelve years, authentic simulation training with ADMS has proven to successfully help bridge the gap between tabletop training and live experience. Many users such as Pennsylvania's Southeast Region Counter-Terrorism Task Force, Baltimore-Washington International Airport and the Netherlands' Institute for Safety have benefited from ADMS mature and proven capabilities to improve operational imperatives and reduce costs.

ADMS Training Services address the limitations and drawbacks of current first responder training and the cost of ownership of a full-scale high-fidelity simulation system. With ADMS, emergency responders gain practical knowledge that directly applies to real world situations without incurring any of the costs or dangers that are involved with live training. The educational value and training experiences of ADMS are convenient and cost effective. No experience with simulators is required as ADMS Training Services provides System Specialists to assist in the training planning and experience. With no hardware to own or maintain, users benefit from the latest technology and exercise curriculum. ADMS Training Services allows effective and affordable simulation training for every organization.

Response organizations are realizing that typical "tabletop" training is limited in capability and usefulness. Tabletops and many computer-based stimulations - non-interactive, multi-media programs - do not include a progressive real-time element, accurate means of recording the process through which the student proceeds, and dynamic real-world physics element. Typical tabletop applications are highly scripted; role-playing is limited and highly predictable. Critical for evaluation and training, ADMS records every action by each participant for later analysis. For maximum training value any errors in judgment or sub-optimal decisions to unfolding problems can be re-visited and rehearsed to achieve the optimal and safest possible response plan.

Availability and Procurement

ADMS Training Services provide emergency responders with highly efficient and effective incident command team training. Users have the option of purchasing ADMS Training Services on a day-by-day or weekly basis, with the choice of long-term leases and lease-to-buy options.

ADMS Training Services are approved and available for procurement through Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant programs including 2006 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants and 2007 Emergency Management Performance Grants.

ETC designs, develops, installs and maintains aircrew training systems, public entertainment systems, process simulation systems (sterilization and environmental), clinical hyperbaric systems, environmental testing and simulation systems, and related products for domestic and international customers.

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Source: Environmental Tectonics Corporation

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