Entitlement Control Platform secures range of applications.

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Deployed in data center, Transaction Networking System(TM) enables enterprises to define and enforce per-transaction policies across all types of users and applications. Use of policy-standard XACML eliminates need for client or server agents or changes to network topology. Combining granularity of software-based entitlement management solutions with networking platform, network-based platform enables enterprises to support new business initiatives that rely on controlled collaboration.

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Rohati Systems First to Rapidly Secure Broad Range of Applications with Network-Based Entitlement Control Platform

International Data Security, JDSU, and SK Telecom Embrace Rohati to Quickly and Cost-Effectively Secure Data Center Resources

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 19 -- Rohati Systems today unveiled the industry's first high-performance network-based entitlement control (NBEC) solution: the Rohati Transaction Networking System(TM) (TNS(TM)) platform. Rohati's breakthrough redefines entitlement management by enabling enterprises to easily define and enforce per-transaction policies across all types of users and applications. Rohati's solution uses the policy-standard XACML (Extensible Access Control Markup Language) for the first time in a network platform, eliminating the need for client or server agents, or changes to network topology.

Combining the granularity of software-based entitlement management solutions with a high-performance networking platform, Rohati fills the gaps created by firewalls that are limited in the depth and relevance of controls they are able to provide, and by identity and access management (IAM) products that are too expensive and complex to be applied ubiquitously. Rohati's TNS platform enables enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively support new business initiatives that rely on controlled collaboration, and dramatically reduces costs related to compliance audit and forensics, enterprise policy lifecycle management, and application deployment.

"Rohati fills in the missing piece of the puzzle for our business," said Ken Choi, CEO, International Data Security. "We are building highly available data center environments for Fortune 500 enterprises, and the Rohati TNS platform allows us to quickly establish customer-specific secure zones defined by user- and application-based attributes on a massive scale."

Increased Competition Drives New Approach to Entitlement Management

To compete globally and boost corporate responsiveness, enterprises have adopted new business models that rely on outsourcing, offshoring, and collaboration. The growing mobile and collaborative enterprise includes employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers, who need access to data assets from anywhere on the globe, from every type of device, that ensures access on a "need to know" basis. What's more, their roles and responsibilities may change with each new project. "JDSU is significantly growing its international operations and looking at ways to scale business process flows and tightly manage operational expenses while controlling access to information," said Bill Turner, information security officer, JDSU. "The approach that Rohati has taken with their TNS platform will help us to meet those rapid deployment, security, and cost-containment requirements."

To support collaboration, enterprises are rapidly deploying applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and other Web 2.0 applications to streamline business processes. Without a new approach to entitlement management, critical data assets will be even more exposed and operate outside of IT control in a time when regulatory compliance issues and the need for data security are tightening.

"With a higher performing Internet WAN, the next challenge is security [combined with other elements]. Application entitlement management platforms like Rohati Systems' will mitigate these concerns," wrote Rob Whiteley, principal analyst and research director, Forrester Research, in his latest report titled "Today's WANs Don't Keep Pace with Applications." April 2008. "Deploying them deep in the data center provides access control measures to protect unknown users coming in from public links to access sensitive application and data."

Industry Experience Fuels Innovation

Rohati's TNS platform is the culmination of ideas from the five founders of Rohati Systems, who are seasoned security, systems, and networking experts with more than 40 years of combined work experience at Cisco Systems. Designed for deployment in the data center, close to applications and resources, the TNS platform provides entitlement control on a per-transaction basis across an enterprise's broad range of applications and resources.

Unlike network security devices that implement policies using Layer 4 access control lists (ACLs) that grant access based on the IP address and application identified by port number, Rohati's solution is the first to support the much richer Layer 7 ACLs. This level of support provides granular entitlement definition and enforcement to support the new methods of business collaboration by expanding policy controls that encompass the business context of who, what, when, where, and how.

In another industry first, Rohati eliminates the need for the client or server agents required by IAM products, which dramatically speeds the provisioning and de-provisioning of entitlements for all classes of users across a broad range of applications and resources including Microsoft SharePoint, portals, and unstructured data on file shares. "The phenomenal adoption of Microsoft SharePoint has presented IT departments with the challenge of applying regulatory controls to unstructured data in a collaboration environment," said Gerry Gebel, vice president and service director at Burton Group. "Entitlement control solutions offer an alternative approach by overlaying an access control layer over SharePoint, which can contain sensitive or regulated data."

The Rohati TNS platform uniquely combines standards-based and proven technologies with an innovative approach that represents many industry firsts. Rohati benefits include:

-- A quick and cost-effective way to secure all data center resources
-- No changes to applications, servers, user clients, or network topology
-- Transaction-level policy enforcement based on the Layer 7 ACL
-- Extension of existing identity and policy investments through an integrated virtual directory
-- High availability at wire speed and low latency to ensure business continuity
-- Centralized deployment and management to ensure operational simplicity and low-cost operations and compliance audits

"As companies open up their networks, data, and applications to customers, employees, and partners, they must be able to cost-effectively administer and enforce entitlement policies in line with business intent across any and all applications and users," said Shane Buckley, president and CEO of Rohati Systems. "Rohati is committed to product innovation that will continue to drive cost out of operating IT infrastructure and deliver the breadth of policy and control across a broad range of applications and resources to meet the rapidly changing needs of the business."

General availability for the Rohati TNS platform is July 2008.

About Rohati

Rohati Systems, Inc. is the leader in high-performance network-based entitlement control (NBEC). Rohati solutions quickly and cost-effectively enable companies to define and enforce access and entitlement policies across all applications and classes of users from a single management console. Unlike traditional approaches to identity and access management that are time- and cost-prohibitive to deploy broadly, the Rohati solution resides in the data center, is network-based to ensure high performance, and does not require agents or changes to applications. Delivering numerous industry firsts, Rohati enables companies to safeguard all their data assets to protect their business and comply with compliance regulations. Rohati is backed by Matrix Partners and Foundation Capital, and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. To learn more, visit http://rohati.com/.

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