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Enterprise Storage Solution scales to 5 petabytes.

Press Release Summary:

Oct 04, 2012 - While offered as single 250 TB capacity storage solution, Rx-8500 may be scaled to 5 petabytes without downtime or delayed deployment. TELCO carrier grade NEBS-compliant platform features fiber-channel, iSCSI, or eSATA /SAS capability to support storage and real-time streaming of HDTV video as well as high-demand, multiple remote access capability. In addition to supporting RAID 0, 1, 1EE 3, 10, 5, 5EE, 6, 50, and 60, configurable solution offers up to 4 parallel 4 Gbps I/O interfaces.

Cepoint Networks, LLC - Nashua, NH

Original Press Release

Cepoint Launches 250tb Enterprise Single Storage Solution Scalable to 5 Petabytes

Press release date: Oct 01, 2012

Telco Carrier Grade Storage Solution Meets Demand For 24X7 High-Definition Video, Cloud Computing, Large Scale Video Surveillance & Other Real-Time Mission-Critical Enerprise STORAGE APPLICATIONS

Cepoint Networks, LLC is now shipping its RX-8500 enterprise storage solution for high-demand and large-scale deployment requirements. The Rx-8500 is a single 250TB capacity storage solution optimized for cloud computing and visualization, high-definition (HD) video storage and streaming applications. The storage system features fiber-channel, iSCSI or eSATA /SAS capability to support storing and streaming real-time HDTV video streams and high demand, multiple remote access capability, making it unit well suited for use in today’s campus-wide, high-definition video surveillance storage, HDTV video broadcast, and very high speed data archiving or warehousing. Designed by Cepoint Networks to deliver higher performance with greater reliability at a lower cost point than systems from big name computer hardware companies, the Rx-8500 is the newest generation of the company’s RX class storage systems that began shipping in 2003.

According to Cepoint spokesperson Rock Romeo “IT managers and systems administrators must focus on compatibility issues of new systems with their current infrastructures and future growth requirements. The Rx-8500 meets their concerns for forward migration as a unified re-configurable multi-tier enterprise storage solution for large scale and enterprise-wide storage solutions. And its HD/SDi video component is built into the unit to efficiently utilize HD video storage space without sacrifice or degradation in video streaming quality,” concluded Romeo.

TELCO Carrier Grade
Cepoint Networks’ RX-8500 enterprise storage system is a TELCO carrier grade NEBS (network equipment building system) compliant platform that is easily scalable to 5 petabytes without downtime or delayed deployment. This system is very suitable for other real-time, mission-critical applications in telecommunications environment, such as large scale VoIP, Telephony and campus-wide data warehousing.

Multiple RAID Capable
Cepoint Networks’ RX-8500 enterprise storage system supports RAID levels 0, 1, 1EE 3, 10, 5, 5EE, 6, 50, and 60. The Rx-8500 is configurable or re-configurable as a unified enterprise storage solution and is user deployable as a NAS, iSCSI SAN or Fibre-channel SAN or stripped down DAS (direct attached storage) depending on required application needs. This saves enterprises and their IT departments thousands of dollars and deployment headaches from trying to adapt solutions from multiple vendors.

Cloud Storage & Visualization Optimized
Using VMware compliant resources, including QUAD 4Gb/s or 10Gb/s I/O :With up to 4 parallel 4Gb/s I/O interface, the RX-8500 amplifies visualization by allowing balanced and efficient distributed I/O sharing without I/O bottle necks or compromising performance.

About Cepoint Networks
Cepoint Networks is a systems integration and consulting firm. The company’s products and services include rugged portable computers for avionics, transportation, field data acquisition, laboratory, military, telecommunications and industrial applications, as well as embedded rugged PC-based systems for data acquisition or data logging. Cepoint also integrates video surveillance, telephony, image processing, and security systems. Other services available include consulting and integration services for commercial RF-Microwave and satellite systems project. For more information visit the company’s website or contact the company at, telephone (603) 883-7979