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With RightFax Internet Connector providing internet connection point between 2 RightFax fax servers, RightFax v10.5 enables users to send and receive faxes at Internet speeds. Each fax number is individually registered and verified to ensure that it belongs to intended recipient. RightFax de-skews incoming fax images to help correct orientation, and with hierarchical image file storage, each fax image is stored in its own individual subfolder.

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OpenText RightFax 10.5 Helps Businesses Boost Productivity, Performance and Profitability

Latest version of market-leading enterprise fax solution sets a new industry standard for fax through a vast array of integrations and image enhancements

WATERLOO, ON, - OpenText(TM) (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC) today announced the availability of RightFax 10.5, which includes the fax industry's first Internet connector for transmitting faxes across the Internet, allowing users to send and receive faxes at Internet speeds with unmatched fidelity, scalability, and more intuitive administrative controls.

RightFax 10.5 comes prebuilt with enhancements to take advantage of the OpenText Cloud. RightFax OnDemand customers will immediately benefit from the EasyLink expertise, technology and data center operations. The OpenText Cloud is based on combined capabilities from OpenText and EasyLink. For more information, please visit: www.opentext.com/2/global/products/opentext-cloud.htm.

The new features in RightFax 10.5 exemplify OpenText's continuing leadership in enterprise fax solutions by helping organizations reduce costs, shorten their business cycles, enhance their business process workflows, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering faxes with better clarity and higher resolution at faster speeds than ever before.

New application and device connectors allow users to innovate across the value chain by streamlining business processes. Improved image clean-up and updated user interfaces improve data readability and user satisfaction.

"The OpenText RightFax team has been busy developing many new features for the purpose of making faxing easier, faster and more secure for our customers," said Matthew Brine, Vice President and General Manager, OpenText Fax and Document Distribution Group. "While expanding upon the capabilities of RightFax servers, the latest features of RightFax 10.5 offers businesses new ways to fax while giving them an opportunity to meet and exceed their goals for cost savings and increased productivity. We are especially excited by our initiatives to take advantage of the OpenText Cloud and to leverage the EasyLink expertise."

Setting the Industry Standard for Speed and Security

The new RightFax Internet Connector marks a significant change in the face of the fax market by offering businesses tangible improvements to the way faxes are transmitted. By providing an internet connection pointbetween two RightFax fax servers, the RightFax Internet Connector enables businesses to:

-- Decrease the cost of fax transmission - The RightFax Internet Connector provides a non-telephony route to send faxes to other RightFax users. The fax is routed via the connector to another RightFax Fax Server anywhere in the world, eliminating telephony charges.

-- Increase the speed of faxing - Because the fax is transmitted via the RightFax Internet Connector, businesses can now send hundreds of pages exponentially faster than via traditional faxing over the public switched network or PSTN.

-- Improve security and privacy - With the RightFax Internet Connector, faxing has never been more secure. Each RightFax fax number used by the RightFax Internet Connector is individually registered and verified, helping to ensure that each number belongs to the intended recipient. Each fax transmission is also encrypted for higher information security and privacy. RightFax is the first solution ever to offer this level of rigor in authenticating fax numbers.

Powerful New Integration Capabilities

OpenText has long been a market leader in providing the most current and extensive set of application and device connectors. RightFax 10.5 expands on this collection with the latest updates:

-- New interface -A Web Services API is now available to integrate with RightFax for custom applications independent of vendor, platform, and language.

-- OpenText eDOCS integration -An OpenText eDOCS connector is now available to support full functionality between OpenText eDOCS 5.3, OpenText's content management solution for law firms, and RightFax.

-- New SAP integration - SAP Connector now includes Unicode support and System Landscape Directory (SLD) registration.

-- New MFP integrations -A new personalized, interactive connector is now available for Hewlett-Packard OXPd devices.

Clear, Easy-to-Use Communications

OpenText strives not only to provide its customers with the most innovative and powerful solutions on the market, but is also the easiest to use. While RightFax 10.5 maintains the original faxed image for compliancy and user familiarity, significant enhancements have been made to the product's look and feel, including:

-- Image enhancements - RightFax now de-skews incoming fax images to help correct their orientation. In addition, images are de-noised to remove scan artifacts and transmission noise.

-- Improved user interface - The overall look and feel of the RightFax FaxUtil, Web Client, and Enterprise Fax Manager have been redesigned and updated with new icons to provide a fresh look without changing the functionality to which users are accustomed.

Improved Performance and Scalability

RightFax 10.5 offers businesses several new enhancements that help improve performance and scalability in any RightFax environment.

-- New hierarchical image file storage - Each fax images is stored in its own individual subfolder, facilitating consistent server performance over time.

-- Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for outbound faxes- RightFax now leverages MSMQ for scheduling and delivering outbound faxes, which efficiently processes high volumes of documents, and allows full scalability and utilization of RightFax licensed channels.


OpenText RightFax 10.5 is now available directly from OpenText or through OpenText's channel partners. For further information on OpenText RightFax solutions and a complete list of integrations and connectors, please visit: rightfax.com and faxsolutions.opentext.com.

Follow OpenText on Twitter @opentext and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/opentext. Please also follow OpenText's Fax Solutions group on Twitter @faxsolutions and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/opentextfaxsolutions.

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