Ensure Safe, Sterile Transfer of Aseptically Packaged Liquid Foods from Specially Engineered Barrier Bags and Fitments by Aran Group

Greer, SC – The safe discharge of perishable liquid foods from aseptic large IBC bags into aseptic processing tanks and equipment can now be achieved efficiently without compromising sterility with specially engineered bags and fitments from Aran U.S.A., part of the Aran Group. (Booth #E-10419 at PACK EXPO International, November 6-9, 2016 in Chicago’s McCormick Place)

A major aseptic processing challenge is how to intermittently extract volumes of aseptically packaged liquid food products from large barrier bags without exposing contents to outside agents. Aran, which engineers and produces high-barrier bags for aseptic applications provides a proven hermetically sealed discharge system. This technology is ideal for protecting aseptically packed fruits and vegetables, purees and sauces, dairy ingredients, and other perishables.

This innovative aseptic transfer protection system features a specially designed aseptic-discharge fitment available for high barrier bags, such as Superflex™ for 55 gallons to 350 gallons. The fitment keeps products aseptic while being transferred into aseptic filling lines, for example, pieces of fruit dispensed into yogurt. This special aseptic packaging technology was developed in partnership with Black Forest Container Systems in order to provide an alternative to standard 800-liter stainless steel containers.

To allow multiple transfers of aseptic products from large bags, the special aseptic-discharge fitment incorporates an easy-open technology that permits safe flow of sterile contents but then can quickly and precisely seal shut, ensuring a 100 percent aseptically self-contained environment in the processing system as well as in the large bag. Aran has engineered the precise location of where the special fitment needs to be located on large bags to ensure a near 100 percent extraction of the aseptic contents.

It’s important to emphasize that protection of aseptic foods and beverages begin as the high volume bags are made. Aran uses a proprietary formulation to ensure films are produced to meet precise barrier properties as well as comply with the company’s thermo-lamination process. This process, called AranFlex, creates laminations without the use of adhesives or solvents to better shield aseptic products from outside environments and helps prevent flex-cracking during transport and handling.

Also Aran irradiates bags and fitments to ensure sterility for customers that will then aseptically fill bags with liquid foods or beverages. The company provides a compliant fitmenton top of each bag to ensure complete hermetic coupling to aseptic filling systems. After filling, the top fitments close securely preventing any outside agents to penetrate the enclosed aseptic environment of the barrier bags.

Aran’s technology plays a major role in supporting efficiencies and safety in aseptic food processing. This safe discharge of aseptic perishables also supports the industry’s drive for “safe food” and goals to significantly reduce food waste.

Learn more at PACK EXPO International booth #E-10419.

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