EnKon's Heavy Duty Lifts Solve Ergonomic Problem for Commercial Tractor Company

Walled Lake, Michigan, June 2, 2011 - EnKon Systems, Herkules Equipment Corporation's brand name of lift systems solved a tractor manufacturer's ergonomic lifting problem by designing two heavy duty pneumatic scissor lifts that maintain a surface flatness of +/- ½" with minimal deflection, and providing a closed lift height of 8.5" enabling the tractor to be pushed onto the lift from an 8.5" height platform. All this while still providing 25" of travel. To enable the operators to effortlessly move the massive lifts (8 foot by 8 foot) down an in-ground track, EnKon utilized an air bearing system which was incorporated into the design of the heavy duty lifts.

EnKon's custom-made lifts utilized two sets of scissor arms. Each heavy duty lift was designed to support 6000 lbs. which would accommodate any future heavier tractor model additions. And the low-profile characteristics of the EnKon lift design enable the customer to accommodate the 8.5" high platform.

The customer was impressed with how stable the tractor-loaded lift was when in the raised position. And they appreciated the fact that the use of the air bearing system would turn a back-breaking burden into an easily accomplished task. The original lifting problem began when the manufacturer introduced a new model whose weight exceeded the capacity of the lifts being used. The new tractor weighed 3000 pounds, and since the existing lifts were designed to accommodate only 2000 lbs. they began to tip under the excessive weight.

EnKon Systems is the brand name for Herkules Equipment Corporation's electric, hydraulic and air powered scissor lift table systems. Herkules has been manufacturing lifting equipment close to 30 years, building a solid reputation specifically for designing & manufacturing air operated lift systems for a variety of applications. Standard and custom lift systems include; Electric Belt Drive Lifts, Electric Ball Screw Lifts, Air Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, Lift Tables, Lift & Rotates, Lift & Tilts, Operator Lifts, Power Rotate Systems, Cart Positioners, Pallet Positioners, Post Lifts, and Lifts for Integration.

For more product information, please contact EnKon Systems at 800-444-4351, or at info@herkules.us or visit our website at www.herkules.us. Check out our newest website, enkon.pro.

Kris Fairbrother

Marketing Director

248-960-7100 ext 209

Email: kris@herkules.us


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