Enhanced Wireless (GSM) Traffic Emulation & Analysis

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - July 15, 2009 - GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of Enhanced TRAU Traffic Emulation and Analysis software applications. Speaking to the press, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, Project Manager at GL said, "GSM technology dominates wireless communication. The A-bis interface, between Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Base Station Controller (BSC) within the GSM network carries voice, data and signaling. The BSC is responsible for the exchanges of messages towards Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and the BTS". He added, "To reduce bandwidth requirements on the BTS-BSC and BSC-MSC interface, service providers use transcoders or voice compression technology - known as TRAU, or Transcoder/Rate Adapter Unit. TRAU frames between the BTS and BSC/MSC carry compressed speech, data, and O&M frames over T1 E1 lines".

Mr. Ramalingam, further added, "Several client server modules have been enhanced that make our TRAU tools extremely useful in wireless simulation and analysis".

Brief description of the GL's TRAU tools:

TRAU ToolBox(TM)

TRAU Toolbox(TM) is a GUI based application that allows user to send/receive TRAU frames containing real time voice traffic using various codecs including GSM, AMR, and EFR. Important features of the application are:

o A GUI based application

o Simulates TRAU traffic over Abis and Ater interfaces

o Perfect for testing backhaul networks

o Create multiple sessions of uplink or downlink in 8 or 16 Kbps

o Generate TRAU frames of different codec types like GSM, AMR-NB/WB,EFR etc

TRAU Traffic Playback

TRAU traffic playback is a simple GUI application to playback TRAU frames on 8kbps and 16kbps streams using "hdl" files i.e. pre captured data using TRAU Protocol Analyzer or Client Server TRAU Record/Playback application. TRAU frames can also be corrupted using bit invert options.

TRAU Record/Playback Client Server

TRAU Record /Playback is a command-line based client server application that allows transmission / reception of TRAU frames in *.hdl file format. This permits remote operation, automation, and multi-site connectivity.

TRAU Protocol Analyzer

TRAU Protocol Analyzer can be used to auto detect, decode and analyze full rate and half rate TRAU frames for GSM, AMR-NB/WB, EFR and other codec types as per 3GPP 8.60 and 8.61 specifications. TRAU Packet Data Analysis (PDA) feature in TRAU Protocol Analyzer allows users to extract, process and store the contents of TRAU frames - speech, digits or tones.

TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer - CLI Based

TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer(CLI) is a command-line based client server application, which is similar to TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer - GUI based application. All the features of TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer - GUI based application can be found in this application.

TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer - GUI Based

TRAU Traffic Emulator & Analyzer is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based client server application, which can simulate & analyze TRAU/CCU (BTS or BSC end) on GL's T1/E1 cards. This application can be used to test the correctness of received data, by comparing with predefined patterns. Important features of the application are:

o This is a GUI based application but still client server based

o Simulates TRAU traffic over Abis and Ater interfaces

o Test backhaul networks

o Create multiple sessions of uplinks / downlinks in 8/16 Kbps

o Allows users to generate TRAU frames of different codec types like GSM, AMR-NB/WB, EFR etc.

For comprehensive information on the above TRAU applications, please refer to TRAU Traffic Emulation and Analysis web page.
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